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Game Name Lets make lasers and guardians that can reach nothing, I'm good. Game Date 10/19/2002 Review Date 11/19/2002
Map ShowDown Rating 2 Reviewer N_Crip
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 neoSoulrain A 6 3   Player 5
Player 2 neoPreen B 2 3   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
***Map is SHOWDOWN***

I sat down, got myself a drink and starting watching this recording at normal speed. After 5 mins, I had to put the speed to 120. At 10, I couldn't take it anymore, I jacked the speed to 250 and prayed to god this Newbie crap would end. 2 former high profile players, 1 very crappy game. Who the HELL uploaded this? One player goes all flash, lacking cons like there is no tomorrow, and yet doesn't even attack. The other wastes metal and make his way through the middle, slowly with little pretty lasers and guardians. Apparently back in the day, attacking from the sides was not a thing to do, or maybe it was a retarded rule...simular to the one some players use on GOW today...maybe they were playing "No units on the sides"...just a wild guess...anyways...this turns into BB vs brawlers? I guess brawler-boy was hoping for a lucky commander kill...too bad he didn't even bother to offscreen them, what a waste. If you want to get annoyed at the ridiculous play of both of these players, download this. If you want to learn...don't. I might seem harsh...but I can't believe I'm actually reviewing this. Useless early guardians, retarded lazers, wasted units, excessing like a whore, idle cons galore, no units on the side, BAD USE OF RADAR WHEN YOUR WHOLE GAME REVOLVES AROUND LONG RANGE WEAPONS!!! SLOPPY!! LETS PUT A BB ON A COM FOR 10 MINS WHEN IT CAN'T EVEN HIT IT!!! AND THE OTHER...IT'S CALLED CLOAKING!! CLOAK YOUR GOD DAMN COMMANDER JESUS CHRIST!! ok...ok..that's enough..I think you get the picture.