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Game Name Never Give Up! Game Date 01/18/2003 Review Date 01/19/2003
Map The Desert Triad Rating 8 Reviewer Saint
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 EVA_soYer A 7.5 7   Player 5
Player 2 N_rMaximus B 7 7   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
Max squares off against Soyer in this game and it turns out to be one heck of a battle!
The game starts off with both players going vehicles and attacking back and forth. Soyer starts to get quite an advantage and a gaurdian seems to end the game for Max. But, doing .pos you see the game is only at about 30 percent in! Max is completely cornered in bottom right and the units are approximately 86 to 18 for Soyer.
Cue the comeback! Max porcs and becomes one hard nut to crack. Many gaurdians are made by both players and some great bombing by Max keeps Soyer from getting too much advanced.
The comeback is completed when Soyer tries to comm rush one too many gaurdians and pays the ultimate price.. Great job Max!