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Game Name Ultimate GP 1v1 Game Date 12/14/2002 Review Date 01/24/2003
Map Gasplant Plain Rating 8 Reviewer X_Alumium_
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 AnaS_Feijao A 8 9   Player 5
Player 2 Smoking_Cohiba B 7 8   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
Game Reviewed by X_Alumium

-Length of Review: Medium
-Review Name: Ultimate GP 1v1
-Game Length: 35 Min.
-Game Size downloaded: 1.85 Mb. Mb Unzipped: 2.65 Mb.

~Quick Game Summary~

A 1v1 non Emg GPP Game. Has all round High intensity, and great strategy. Both players showed lots of skill expanding, making Mts., and defending their territory from swarms of attacks.

~Game Stats~

- Game Intensity: High
- Game Overall Skill Level: Great
- Game Strategy: Nice executed attacks
- Game Unit of Choice: Sams
- Bombing Skill: N/A
- Most Determined: Both
- Most Aggressive: Smoking_Cohiba
- Most Valuable Player: AnaS_Feijao
- Play of the Game: Anas attacking from Top
- Learning Value: Some
- Fun to Watch: Yes

~Game Summary~

-Beggining Game Summary…
Both Players started out Veh and expand nicely. Smoking_Cohiba takes the early lead with some aggressive attacks, while slowly advancing up with his lines of MT’s.
On the opposite side, AnaS_Feijao puts his Mts on the top and bottom of his base to halt Cohiba’s attacks.

-Middle Game Summary…
The lines are set, Both players give each other blows back and forth leaving streams of metal hanging out in the middle. One Goes Adv. K-Bot, other uses Adv. Veh. to try their luck at producing a Bb’s.

-End Game Summary….

AnaS_Feijao gives a devestating blow to Smoking_Cohiba’s lightly protected top. Smoking_Cohiba declines from his once earlier power. He then slips into a desperate attempt to save his base using any unit he has to defend. His BB gets up and he fires away. Download to see if this BB will change the course of the game…

~Player Summaries~

Anas shows some skills early on. He becomes the underdog early not making as much M as Coh. As the game progresses, he uses his Mts. wisely to blow off swarms of attacks. He later goes on the offensive and takes the game into his control. Anas is a person who shows nice unit control, never panics, and attacks when the time is right. Nice job :D

Builds almost exactly like Ana’s. Attacks early but tries to finish off Anas to early. It results in him feeding Anas instead. Makes nice rows of Mts., and has some nice unit control. Overall they both do a good job!

This game will be fun to watch from beginning and end. Download to watch….