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Game Name pillopeens Game Date 07/21/2008 Review Date 08/09/2008
Map Pillopheens Rating 6 Reviewer Clopse
Game Type 4vs4     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 loc_lupyman a 6 6   Player 5 no_rules b 6 6
Player 2 loc_boogieman a 6 6   Player 6 bigmac b 6 6
Player 3 stronger a 6 6   Player 7 No_rul33z b 6 6
Player 4 loc_woodstalker a 6 6   Player 8 clf_easy b 6 6
alright thought i'd get some of the shit in there cause its starting to build up. was hoping to be surprised but wasn't. if you d/l this 12mb demo keep your eye on red for the first min. dunno what the fuck he was doing. pissed myself also when i seen a warlord somehow escape been killed and out of range of enemy units to be shot down by a stray skeet missile shooting for an air con.

game ends up with lupy v the other team and should have won if his uc was any better.