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Game Name crowded harbour Game Date 09/07/2011 Review Date 09/07/2011
Map pearl harbour Rating 7 Reviewer jono10
Game Type 4vs4     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Divine 1   Player 5 Lucido 2 4 6
Player 2 Boogieman 1 3 3   Player 6 Melfice 2 8
Player 3 Pyro 1 10 8   Player 7 NightFury 2 7 6
Player 4 Esguins (???) 1 9 9   Player 8 NP 2 5 5
4v4 on ph here.

This game at start is like everyone uncoordinatly making random units, divine dies early, pyro gets stronger with his mex, mel combombs boog, pyro gets stronger again. Esguins is good all game for top, only player to really 'build'. There are some nice battles (most of them involving esguin and nightfury, Lucido dont make too many units, just hawks later, pyro only really apears later, with few pels). It is decided at point where a team attacks an lose all their units, while a bb also kills all there labs.

Pretty nice watch, cant really explain the movements of 8 players over a 30+min game, so if you wanna know more youll have to watch :)