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Game Name ISJX'ers Accuse BL4CK of cheating Game Date 02/08/2003 Review Date 02/24/2003
Map Comet Catcher Rating 4 Reviewer Militia
Game Type 4vs4     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 BL4CK_AQUA A 8 8   Player 5 ISJX_TURBY B 6 6
Player 2 TRP_tooty A 7 8   Player 6 ISJX_Anzo B 6 6
Player 3 L0st_24_7 A 8 7   Player 7 ISJX_DarkPrime B 8 7
Player 4 BL4CK_Death_ A 8 9   Player 8 DragonSlayer592 B 1 2
~ Yet another whiner demo here, with ISJX (of all clans!?) to be the ones doing the squealing.
~ I have a message for all TA players throughout the land: if you lose, it does not mean that your opponent is cheating!

ISJX: If you can watch this demo again, & honestly say that they did cheat - please uninstall your copy of Total Annihilation forever, & take up something less demanding. Like table tennis or maths.

DragonSlayer592: There is absolutely no wind on Comet Catcher, so don't build wind generators. Also, there isn't any wind on Full Moon.

BL4CK_Death_: Excellent work with the Jeffies at the beginning, taking out 2 con vehicles. (even though your opponents were rather slack.)

All in all, well played by the winning team, who outclass their ISJX + newbie oppsition. Even though this is a short demo & is tainted with accusations of cheating, it gives you an idea on how to play a 4v4 Comet Catcher to win! (Yes, that was a joke.)