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Game Name 2v2v2v2 madness Game Date 01/04/2004 Review Date 06/09/2004
Map Lava Highground Rating 5 Reviewer _xMANTISx_
Game Type 4vs4     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 z_Fudtone A 7 5   Player 5 Litigant_Place C 5 4
Player 2 CLF_Snuggles1 A 6 5   Player 6 LoC_Bonedogg C 7 7
Player 3 Wrath_Bullie B 7 7   Player 7 T37JUDGE D 4 5
Player 4 AussieShaman28 B 6 7   Player 8 Oz_rules D 6 7
This game was kind of amusing at parts but alot of it I sped up. Rules does some effective bombing. Bullie shoots a bb some. Bonedogg takes the middle for a bit. Aussie conceals a bb with rapiers...that was cool. Judge radar targets a few items with guardian. Litigant umm...built a geo..oh and an adv. factory. Snuggles made a decent amt. of resources. Fudtone shoots with bb a bit and bombs commies. There I said something good about everyone.

Litigant starts with a wind, then a mm placed on metal patch and then factory...I knew right then I was in for a treat. Sure enough lot's of similar moves.

Only team C made an effort for middle early and were uncontested. T37JUDGE went around trying to nano partners stuff with com...oh I was wincing. **All that does is use up your does not assist the building of the structure** You can repair partners stuff but you cant build it...just share the resources.

Fudtone drove me batty all game...he had the right units and decent resources but just did a horrible job using them. Oh yeh umm...Snuggles lags out and Fudtone does .takecmd. He wasted 2..was it 3? bbs by not scouting. He had 2 regular air and an adv. air...plenty of peepers but didnt use! AGH!! **When you have bb scout often!** He even made a nuke and launched blind when he had peepers! Ahh the pain!!

Litigant and Bonedogg had a decent shot but for some reason Litigant chose bulldogs to go thru the narrow entrance to Fudtones base :/ Also he didn't move com when Fud went for it with a ton of bombers...doh...killed both of 'em.

Aussie and Bullie did ok...tho Aussie farmed mex?? yep I guess they were sposed to be mms...unless theres a new trick I don't know of :P Rules played smart too as did Bonedogg. Maybe your patience isn't as thing as was kinda interesting...I did make it thru the whole thing. It is amazing that fudtone was able to pull this out...guess we gotta give him credit for that :)