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Game Name adm_don gets clobbered in a 3v4...*yawn* Game Date 05/27/2004 Review Date 06/24/2004
Map Luschaven Rating 6 Reviewer _xMANTISx_
Game Type 4vs4     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 clam_hole A 7 7   Player 5 CR_MIKO B 6 6
Player 2 _BUGMASTER_ A 7 7   Player 6 Duck_42 B 7 6
Player 3 RebornVirus A 7 7   Player 7 adm_don B 7 7
Player 4 _TwoBSAndrew A 6 6   Player 8
Ahh the Luschhaven cult...low unit game with lot's of rules that has become about as popular as gd2 ground wars. Some of these guys pretty much play only this one game, same map, same rules...not my cup of tea but to each their own.

There's a decent amount of action I suppose. Odd build orders to fit the rules...kbots first for most. The scores I gave were maybe a bit generous...but I don't play it so I gave some the benefit of the doubt.

What really struck me in this game is it is a 4 v 3...and the team with 4 gloats when the tide turns their way...Bugmaster specifically...who had only 11 units at about the 17 minute mark and was getting monstered from 2 directions. RebornVirus played a pretty good was funny watching him complain about the units poor pathfinding...BINGO...big reason I don't enjoy the map. Everyone makes an hlt at a choke point and ground units become rather useless...yet air is not allowed. Weeee! BB's are though and they add the finishing touch to team A's much sought after win. Yay team A!! You won a 4 vs 3! umm...

Oh I should say that adm_don's build was pretty strong as it should be for a veteran luschite...I guess maybe that's part of team A's excitement...also it is quite funny to see don cursing as his perfect little toothed in base gets plastered by bb shells.

All in all it is maybe worth the watch...but I'm not inspired to join the cult :P (I actually went a little softer than I might have 'coz I have a good online bud that's a luschite hehe)