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Game Name "omg dial up LOL!" Game Date 10/17/2006 Review Date 10/26/2006
Map Gods of War Rating 3 Reviewer arisendemon
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Annihilated c 3 4   Player 5
Player 2 minnecore c 3 3   Player 6
Player 3 Legolas0o6 a 4 4   Player 7
Player 4 FB_sebast a 2 1   Player 8
Core vs Arm, top vs. bottom, gow.

Title refers to a comment made in game only about 20 times.

The players in this game are not good and this game is not a good game by most people's preferences, however, I like to judge how good a game is by how evenly matched it is, which is the only good thing about this.. (It's still not worth watching).

There were several dumb things in it, including a guy building an envoy which I expected to lead to something funny but just sat in his base. A guy walking right out into the water when a subs there, and the other guy moving the sub away. The same guy then goes on his land, which is demolished, because he is annoyed by a peeper and tries to dgun it several times (yes while it's flying).

In the end both of the arm players com bomb and fail miserably and the game is over.