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Game Name Who is the best? Game Date 04/04/2007 Review Date 04/07/2007
Map Gods of War Rating 6 Reviewer arisendemon
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 mikexx2020 a 6 5   Player 5
Player 2 buttbuster b 5 5   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
Well, I'll set this up for everyone... (Those who care.)

Mike2020 was 'supposedly' owning butbuster in another game before this, and so butbuster com rushed his main isle.. so Mike2020 quit. And they were apparently debating who "really" won... actually.. I'll just show what was in the readme file.

"""""butbuster had been going around WZ saying how he had
just beat me "easy" on gow. but in the game i had all islands
and more units. he puts his com onto MY island and dguns
everything so i quit. he thinks he won. so to prove who is
better we had this game with aman and tac watching.
here is the "who is better wins" game"""""

The game is more interesting that I expected, but still not good really. Several good things done by both, but the same mistakes you always expect in games like this like... ctrl'zing your air cons to help your con ship and they all get knocked down by skeets. Just dumb stuff, but like I said, both players played SEMI-DECENT.

It was interesting at first but once Mike knew he had the win, he let butbuster live longer than he should have. He could have easily taken the other 2 islands from him when it mattered.. but he went headstrong into his army to take it all out, then took out his main isle and his res and all that before the game was ended.

To butbuster, anyone can make someone quit by com rushing them. Technically you 'won' the first game but you didn't 'beat' him.

Mike, yeah you beat him, but 1 game can't decide what player is better. Play best of 10 or something.. or more..

(please don't upload them though)