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Game Name wtf happend here? Game Date 01/16/2003 Review Date 01/17/2003
Map Gods of War Rating 5 Reviewer X_NineBall
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 SOFT_CORE1 A 4 4   Player 5
Player 2 loteius B 5 4   Player 6
Player 3 ABB_MeatAxe B 6 6   Player 7
Player 4 BeWaRe_31 A 4 4   Player 8
Ermm, hey geuss what, this is my first ever game i have reviewed :P thats pretty grand. any way. This game looks like its gona be a newb fest. MeatAxe and Lotius start off left and you can probly geuss where core and beware started. MeatAxe goes air first with core and has some pretty good bombings with his core bomber. He also takes control of the top isle and there is really no fight for that isle. Loteius goes big recorses on his island with no sea, and goes fast pels and saves them up. Beware gets a skrew over by meataxe and has nothing for a good part of the game dew to constant bombing runs by MeatAxe (nj meaty) :P
Soft Core starts building his lazers and dragons teeth up preparing for a mass pel invation. after about half the games over every one decides.... oh, sea really does exist, and all go sea and start making crusies and recorses. Now the game looks to be ok, and not a noob fest, then beware says their only chance is if he goes nuke. So i got back to the idea, ok....noob fest. And the end result is ABB and Loteius have it in the bag till core hits loteius's commander with his bb, and then beware starts to reclaim and go mass sea, and its just a matter of time b4 gg meataxe.
Well done boys. looked like fun.