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Game Name One Expert Wins All Game Date 11/21/2002 Review Date 01/20/2003
Map Gods of War Rating 6 Reviewer X_Alumium_
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 _RawDawgSpace_ A 8 8   Player 5
Player 2 xBuryMeInSmokex A 6 7   Player 6
Player 3 zen_k1 B 5 5   Player 7
Player 4 THE_Schnully B 6 6   Player 8
-Quick Summary: This game shows how an Expert uses crus’s to defeat, skeet’s and pels. A small skeet battle turns and pel battle which turns into a might for the metal
-Length of Game: 38 min
-Game Size: 2.40mb Unzipped: 3.91 Mb

-Begging of Game...
Starts out with a small air battle between Zen and Bury, Zen does small damage to Snch’s mexes but Zen goes 2nd air and comes back and bombs Bury’s isle down to just his lab and mts’s. The expert in this game Space goes veh. first. He then decides to go Mass Crus and flanks Zens Skeet’s to metal.

-Middle of Game…
Bury Recovers with sea cons and pels. Snch Goes gets his pels for a fierce back and fourth pel battle on bottom. Space takes the advantage while capturing top and pushing Zen back.

-Ending of the Game...
The ending is just a regular one seeing who can make the most units the fastest with the most metal. The early air game is non existent bit it is fun to watch. Download to see!

-Overall Stats

Battle Intensity: High
Overall Player Skills: Good
Overall Strategy: High
Play of the game: None
Best Player: Space
Most Determined: THE_Schnully
Unit of Choice: Skeet
Learning Value: Some
Fun to Watch: Little

-Player Summary’s
- _RawDawgSpace_: Player of the game because he is the only expert in this game. He takes the top metal with all crus’s and he shows all of you why Crus own Gow.

- xBuryMeInSmokex: Goes air first but gets beat with Zen’s 2nd air, goes sea makes a few cons. He gets himself back in the game and helps space out massing pels while space supplies the crus.

- THE_Schnully: 2nd best player in the game. Sch is the not to aggressive player in this game, and sits out for half of it. Later gives an impressive desperate attempt to cripple Bury with everything he has.

- zen_k1: Cripples Bury with his 2nd air, he takes top and tries to hold it against Space’s crus. He really gave the game away when he lost top and lost his skeet metal.
He builds some pels toward end, and he also stores up bombers and tries to bomb Space but all his bombers are shot down when it goes past of line of Space’s mt’s.

Game is a very average one with but with only one Expert Space. This game has lots of action and is very exiting at times. I Recommend this game if you like watching an ordinary Gow game.