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Game Name He Shared! Game Date 11/20/2002 Review Date 11/20/2002
Map Red Planet Rating 6 Reviewer swo0py
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 TAG_DJiNN A 7 6   Player 5
Player 2 ACE_Erindel A 5 5   Player 6
Player 3 ACE_LOST B 5 5   Player 7
Player 4 Calgar53 B 7 7   Player 8
This turned out to be an ok game on red planet. Djinn and Erindel do well with early jeffies/weasels and set back Lost some. Djinn does a good job of expanding as does Erindel at getting up some mt's. Djinn is core and gets a gaurd up I would say too far back but all is well cause he later reclaims and moves it up. His first one was inteded for lost but actually stops calgar who does a much better job of pushing his cons farther out.

Lost might have had better expansion but gets a jeffy following one of his cons which is soon killed. Lost has a bad starting pos imo. I really hate getting that spot. He expands little until Djinn's creeping forces him to get some mt's up quick. He does however get alot of flashes behind Djinn. One thing that sucked was he was typing like "I like that Djinn..." while he allowed 2 flashes to sit idle while Djinn brought his commie up north. The 2 flashes coulda taken out alot since they coulda got behind wind mex's before Djinn's commie was anywhere near the flashes.

I am one of those people that cannot carry on conversations during games cause I lose my train of thought. I wish Lost woulda focused more on his units than conversing with Djinn. He is in a bad spot to begin with so you have to play that much better.

Erindel meanwhile plays a standard game but calgar is able to expand and grab the middle and is only contested by Djinn's gaurd. He recovers well from Erindel's flash rushes and then goes rockos to start cutting down some mt's and does this well.

Was an ok game overall but I woulda liked to see a few things that would have made this a great game:
1) Have Djinn get somes gators or send his slahers behind Lost. Also his first gaurd didn't really do that much creeping with mt's esp with core woulda been cheeper and woulda prevent Lost's com rushing so far towards him. With more mt's there woulda have not been that sharing debacle...His com woulda been killed much sooner. Also woulda liked to see that second veh be a kbot and see some storms.
2) Lost just had to have some units gaurd his cons and use his flashes much better; those 2 idle ones really coulda done some damage since djinn was not gaurding his plant. Also at 10min in he leaves his plant idle as he controls his units.
3)Calgar does as I think should: recovers well from the rushes gets alot of mt's and then goes rockos to cut off ur enemies from doing the same. Unless you guys were on RW or something talk to your partner more and ask him if he is ok and stuff...Erindel had so little you coulda helped ur pard out as could Djinn have helped Erindel. Ur building and unit control was good esp at the beginning just make sure ur partner is aware of all his idle stuff and his lack of expansion.

Kinda a rollercoaster of a game but idle units on a small map like this really messes you up.