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Game Name go sea after23 minutes Game Date 01/06/2003 Review Date 03/14/2003
Map Gods of War Rating 7 Reviewer bomba
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 TroubledFuture A 7 8   Player 5
Player 2 Wrath_elric A 6.5 7   Player 6
Player 3 X-Bloodstorm B 7.5 8.5   Player 7
Player 4 JR B 2 2   Player 8
ok we have a 2 v 2 game on gow here elric and troubled are on the left, JR and bloodstorm on the right.


JR goes air first and goes for bombers and then attacks elric with some of the worst bombing i have ever seen in my life then he moans about lag cause he missed an mt it was a very costly miss, jr have u established u can keep the bombing doors open?

blood goes for quite alot of res and is sharing e nicely to jr, then he goes to veh and gets some cons then reclaims and goes sea.

elric goes veh then some cons and starts on mt's (possibly a couple of sams first) then gets in the sea also.

troubled goes for veh first gets some sams out gets some cons, then he goes air takes a sam and a con up top there is not really much opposition to the left bit of top.


JR is still insistant that there is lag and that bombing an mt filled island is a good plan, he doesnt even do it well. he refuses to listen to the sound advice of his ally (when his air is worthless) to go in to the sea. he doesnt get up enough anti air and is relying heavily on multi reclaim, badly at that. Troubled bombs him down to very little with great ease, this is also lags fault according to JR. JR decides its time to go sea at 23 minutes (bear in mind he has had 1 airplant and thats it)

blood has some nice sea res and is keeping up with elrics sea with your skeets and crussies. blood takes the right hand side of the top isle well and got some pels and then a bb up and started hitting elric, unfortunatly he is playing a 2 v 1. I still thought you were playing well enough that you might have been able to drag jr through this game.

elric gets himself some decent sea res and and makes some skeets some crussies and some sea mt's. you were playing a solid game here and managing to do well wif your pels and crussies. You went for pels later on also.

Troubled has huge sea res has the left side of the top isle, gets lots of bombers to hurt jr badly then masses pels and goes for a bb.


JR outs up little fight, doesnt dgun effectivly really does nothing for himself all game relies heavily on his partner blood, gets killed by pels wen he tries to take his isle back with his comm

Blood you played a good game which was effectivly 2 v 1 the combined forces of their pels and crussies and troubles bb hurt you badly, clarify this for me if you can did u quit or were you rejected? after JR died. gg (losing the bb was a shame, you could have tried a little more to save it and scouted for his bb)

elric you worked well with troubled to rid the map of bloods bb u played a decent game and were solid for your team mate.

Troubled u killed jr with your pels and then got the bb with a combination of your bb and elrics pels u played a very good game however it may have been different if blood didnt have a noobie for a partner gg any how :)

best player: X_Bloodstorm ( on the note that u were playing a 2 v 1 and did suberbly)
worst player: JR (perhaps if you spent less time moaning about non exsistent lag etc and learning basic unit control and build orders you could do alot better)
Comedy moment: mostly JR's whinging all the way through makes me laugh

notes: the game is actually a reasonable game with some good players and 1 poor one so dont not download it just because JR was rotten and moaned :)