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Game Name Triple Team Game Date 02/02/2003 Review Date 03/15/2003
Map Gow 2 Rating 7 Reviewer Nano
Game Type 3vs3     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 LoCTango A 6 6   Player 5 noobk1LLLa187 B 8 8
Player 2 RentalUnit_01 A 8 8   Player 6 Loc_Geezer B 8 8
Player 3 locCorb A 7 8   Player 7 TRP_snake_1 B 8 8
Player 4 locEDGE (watcher) W   Player 8
Lot’s of players makes it hard to go into very much detail.

Lay Out

Team A locCorb bottom, Rentalunit mid, locTango top: Left
Team B locGeezer bottom , TRP_snake mid, noobkilla top: Right


Team B triple teams locCorb from the get-go. This hurts team A dramatically.
Noobkilla gets up a BB (rather quickly) and starts pounding away at Tango, while sending his units to help continue pounding Corb.

Now we have 2 members of team A getting kicked off their land. (top & bottom) Rentalunit builds nice and strong (getting no conflict) and is able to mass up bombers, pels, cruises…..o yea… and a nuk.

By this time, Rentalunit is quite frustrated at Tango for not helping. Tango (on the other hand) got shelled early on and lost his resources and lost of cons. In desperate need of economy he starts using his comm to build resources. Rental doesn’t like this and kinda starts blaming Tango for the game being a 3 vr 2.

Team A still building nicely.

Enraged… Rentalunit sends in his bombers to kill as much as possible. With these bombers, he (somehow) manages to take out 2 adv kb (lower isle), an other adv kb, air, mmm’s (mid isle), adv kb, mmm, geo, air (top isle). He nuks noob’s bb.

But being the only member of team A that is till standing strong, team B is able to shatter everything from the top, over to the left, and on down. B4 Death becomes him (rentalunit) he calls gg (to corb) and exits. Tangos comm goes next. And as they make their way to the bottom island, Corb calls gg. ~POOF~ game over.

Game time: 49 min.