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Game Name Red River North Groundwar? Game Date 05/17/2003 Review Date 06/15/2003
Map Red River North Rating 3 Reviewer swe_abe
Game Type 3vs3     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 TRP_TwiZTiD A 4 4   Player 5 Smack_Daddy5 B 4 4
Player 2 ACE_Beanx A 4 4   Player 6 TRP_HOLYSNAKE_2 A 4 4
Player 3 OZ_Frisky B 4 4   Player 7
Player 4 ArmO_Lester B 4 4   Player 8
Well, itīs not quite a Groundwar but close enough. Left vs Right on RRN, no air except cons and no long range weapons. That leaves two alternatives: amphibious units like pels and hovers, or walk across the river and build a lab there.

OZ_Frisky of the left team tries to set up a fast base on the other side but fails when his opponents find him. He has to pull back and spends most of the game wandering around the map looking for something to do.
His partner Smack_Daddy5 is a less experienced player, often refered to as a newbie. He hardly does anything at all before the game is over.
The last guy on the left side, ArmO_Lester, gets some decent production going but that wonīt help in a 3v1 situation.

On the right side, Twiztid builds a lot but is too far away from the conflict area to get involved. I donīt think he had a single killed or lost unit in the whole game.
Bean builds a lot of air cons, pelicans and resources. Unfortunately he lags real bad and itīs hard to say how effective his units were. They were in god mode.
Holysnake walks his Commander to the other side to try what Frisky failed. Considering the how the situation was on the left side, there is nothing to stop him and soon two adv Kbot labs and a regular one has built a pretty big army. The Rockos and Mavs then kill the two remaining players (Frisky left).

3010 Kb of predictable and hardly entertaining TA.