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Game Name BTU vs N fury Game Date 06/03/2003 Review Date 06/23/2003
Map Coast to Coast Rating 8 Reviewer Space
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 N_Crip A 8 8   Player 5
Player 2 BTU_Jorne B 8 8   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
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Index -

. Section 1 - Quick Game Reports including details of Game and Players
. Section 2 - Game Report including Game Time, Length and Size
. Section 3 - Game Summary with Game Statistics
. Section 4 - Comments and Tips on Individual Players
. Section 5 - Major Highlights and Ending Download

Quick Game Summary -

Great bombing and smart building, this game turned out to be pretty intense and fast moving from start to finish.

Quick Player Report -

These players where both very skilled and well known, they seemed to be having more a rivalry of eachother than having a friendly 1v1 game. Both players had something to prove to another, and they did it in there own way.

Game Report -

~ Recorded Game: N_Crip

~ Game Length: Around 30 minutes

~ Download Size: 1.22 MB

Game Summary -

-Beginning Game
Feeling the sense that one side might go air, both players play it safe going quick Veh. With the high number of protecting Mtís built on both sides, they both decide to start a bombing war. At first both sides rebuild quick but as time goes on, the casualties begin to mount.

-Middle Game
Crip builds sea first but soon as Jorne sees this, he mimics and does the same. The bombers continue to lay bombs but a new kind of war emerges. Jorne seeing that Crip has had an early jump on sea plays it safe and builds a Crus. Sure enough Crip has built a Sub but he keeps it back to protect his own sea plant. Jorne makes his move with a couple of crus and clears out a path sweeping skeeks from a distance. Crip seeing his future in the sea is over runs out and makes an Adv.Kbot lab with the excess metal.

Jorne has a sharp memory, his stored up bombers come out from off the screen and destroys the lab. Cripís in very big trouble, in a last dashing effort, he tries to construct a BB. Jorne once again scouts and takes the structure out with another fleet of bombers. Crip with nothing to loose starts construction on a 2nd BB. Jorneís quite sure Cripís days are over and lays low on the bombers and concentrates on his own set of Pels.

-End Game
This mistake turns deadly, Cripís BB is now operational and pouring down rapid balls on Jorneís shore. The Adv. Kbot is the first to go and the Air lab shortly after. The hunter has now become the hunted. Crip restores his Adv. Lab and the once dominating bundle of Crusís disappeared into the dust. The host realizing the game is over exists without a Comm dying. A finish that I would not have guessed 10 min before the end.

Overall Game Statistics -

~ Game Battle Intensity: Very Intense
~ Overall Skill Level: Good Players
~ Game Predictability: Not Predictable at all
~ Unit Most Used: Bomber
~ Most Determined: Crip
~ Best Unit Control: Equal
~ Smartest Building: Crip
~ Rules: None
~ Learning Value: Some for everyone
~ Fun to Watch: My opinion Yes :)

Comments and Tips on Individual Players -

Jorne : Nice job bombing, I like the Crus strat but you should have made more sonars while you had the chance. Your bombers together with Crus owned!
Crip : Good UC, Nice job not giving up and smart decision to build a second BB. You are very wise handling your metal

Hightlights and Ending Recommendations -

1. Crus and Bombers working together
2. Good bombing
3. BB pounding

I recommend this game to all of you; thereís lotís of valuable tips of how to rebound from certain situations. This is one of the better games I have watched but the lack of full-scale pel vs. crus warfare and such decisive ending took this games rating down. Overall very unpredictable and intense :)

* Game reviewed and edited by Alumium *