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Game Name ta creche Game Date 09/03/2003 Review Date 09/19/2003
Map Gods of War Rating 2 Reviewer bomba
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 kengo A 4 6   Player 5
Player 2 simpol A 5 5   Player 6
Player 3 mpoli B 1 1   Player 7
Player 4 subzero3 B 2 2   Player 8
oh my i never put a date it so it deleted my 25 line review for this im quite upset now grrrrr!!!!!!! please go back and fix it :P

We have a 2 v 2 on gow here with no skill level involved really tbh and not only that its in french so pretty much i have no clue wot they r saying i know a little and worked out a little like tu bombes? this meaning r u bombers? i guess. Nobody seems to have a clue how to play this game some more so than others.

What happens u say well kengo and simpol r left, mpoli and subzero r right. Kengo gets bombers and bombs them to death because the build no decent anti air no offensive air this basicly concludes the game but ile give u a beat down on what each player does.

kengo - kengo is the most offensive player in the game well the only one with any kills untill the last second i believe. he goes for a slow bomber 3 mins and then proceeds to bomb the enemy till they are pretty much dead thats really the story of it.

simpol - goes veh and then to sea makin lots of winds and some mt's at the back of his isle and none at the front gets some some sea res, not that it matters as all his game consists of is sharing e to his ally to make bombers infact if he had wanted he could have made 10 winds shared the e to his ally and that would have been as productive it wouldnt have affected the game in anyway.

mpoli - now the fun bit mpoli possibly has never looked at the game before he builds a mex waits a bit and then makes 2 more mexes. then he makes him self 6 solars then decides he should get in the sea at around 4 mins and do nothing with that, then makes a kbot plant and doesnt do anything with thatmakes noa anti air to speak of and dies silly. Seems way out of his league here and this is mini league bak to ta creche for you.

Subzero - seems to have a little more clue than his ally goes air first gets his plant way before the other teams but makes a con and then idles the plant, after he gets bombed he decides to go veh eventually getting some sams out but not that it amtters cause he will die a very nasty and humiliating death. Back to ta primary.

dont download this game unless u are whacked out your brains and require to laugh some the ending is reasonably ammusing or alternitavly if u would like to translate the game convo for me then u should do that 2