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Game Name Knockdown Dragout Grudgefest! Game Date 04/05/2004 Review Date 04/30/2004
Map Gods of War Rating 9 Reviewer _xMANTISx_
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 PRO_MACDADDY__ A 9 9   Player 5 Yortsedmi W
Player 2 _Gincola_ A 7 8.5   Player 6 RetarD0H W
Player 3 VeN0M_ B 8.5 9   Player 7
Player 4 TAG_DOMI B 8 8.5   Player 8
I figured after the last couple games I had to find something a bit more satisfying and here it is.

You could write a book about this game but I'll attempt to make shorter work of it.

Venom and Domi are on the left...Gin and Emac (MACDADDY) on right. There is a nice ff war early. Gin manages to kill all Venom's ffs but loses all of his in the process...problem is Venom has a bomber as well. Gin is forced to reclaim air fac and go vehicle. Venom and Dom grab the top. Venom says gg to Gin and it looks like he may be right.

Emac is on the ball with busy cons on isle and gets ships going. Gin only makes one con veh. and goes air again. Domi goes air as well and together he and Venom bomb the crap outta Gin most of game, forcing him to reclaim air lab several times. Gin does a nice run on Venoms isle and takes out all his mex, even forces him to scramble to get up some mts.

Mid game Dom and Venom are dominating, Gin is barely clinging to life...but Emac rescues him again and again and is building up quite nicely. Emac manages to hold the middle with his com and ships and little assistance. Venom and Gin continue a war of words while all this is going down.

Both sides get pels going, Dom masses bombers and ships while Gin makes crusys and rebuilds his mex over and over due to the continued bombing. The middle gets overrun and Venom gets a bb up. Emac is working on one himself. Gin is getting a foothold in the water but his isle is still rather bleak...that being said, him being alive is incredible.

Team B marks Emac's bb and Domi makes a botched bombing run at it, hitting some crusy on the way. I think maybe Venom thought it was dead but it made it to completion. Now we have an interesting situation. Surely Emac's bb wont stand a chance against Venoms veteran one. Well...I'm not going to tell you.

This is a massive game, grab some popcorn and a drink, maybe pop in a cd was over before the game was. Very entertaining...Venom and Gincola's hatred for each other turned up the heat a bit. There are some comments from watchers that are rather amusing as well. Make sure to look at the kills at the end...EVIL :P I will say this much...MACDADDY earns his name in this one. Great game guys..cheers!