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Game Name Green has "hole" middle! " lets bomb green!" Game Date 03/03/2004 Review Date 05/13/2004
Map Ooooweeee Rating 5 Reviewer Antisocial
Game Type FFA     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 TEA_krytz3 <<-- Recorded the game A 5 5   Player 5 yackattack E 5 5
Player 2 Shock_71224 B 5 5   Player 6 FFAxBaronKarza F 5 5
Player 3 TC_Gandalf0 C 5 5   Player 7 ScymetarX G 5 5
Player 4 LocAnti D 5 5   Player 8 Super_Fin H 5 5
I would pay closer attention to these, and give them honest meaningful scores, but I just dont see why this was sent in, except for the simi entertaining Banter.

Ok, Here goes:

The concept of this game is something I personally would love to play. I like simi odd ball stuff like this one. However this is what happens in this episode of "what are you thinking???"

LOC_Anti goes veh then air for middle- And he is NOT CHALLENGED!!!! Several others notice he is there and essentially banter about how they should ALL bomb him. Huh, guy has all middle, just killed a player, and he remains unattacked. Several berthas, all aimed in other directions. THis is a great view of " i dont want to die next!" There is no suspense here, and had there been a bit more skilled players, LOC_Anti surely would have been challenged at least. Watch this for some of the simi funny comments, and to see Anti bomb 7 other commanders.