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Map Of the Day

Gasplant Plain

Ladder game-settings

Start Position: random
Game end condition: Game ends if commander dies
Metal: 1000
Energy: 1000

Game Rules

Use of Commander

Any player may attack another commander with any unit at any time. During the first 10 minutes of the game no player may commander rush another players starting position (1 screen length of where he started). However, any base outside the players starting area may be commander rushed at any time. After the 10 minute mark anything goes. Any commander that dguns, self destructs, or commander bombs another commander will result in a loss. Anything else is legal.

Example: Enemy commander and yourself are in the middle of a map making laser towers. His laser towers are in range and bring your commander down to 20% health, you manage to escape. He follows you with his commander and lasers your 20% off, you die. This is fair play and a win. Had he dguned you, he would of lost.

Example: Enemy commanders are both in same region and one player sends a nuke on opposing commander's head. Supposing he dies, you die with him as you are in his blast zone. You still win. Now had you nuked badly and hit your own commander first and he dies with you, its still a loss. Whoever's commander dies first, loses.


Multi-reclaim is not permitted in ladder games and will result in an automatic loss.


The player who disconnects loses by default. If the game was close and this player wants to have the replay evaluated by a ladder admin, he can. The person who disconnects has very slim chance of getting awarded a win, but may be awarded a non-report. Decisions are totally in the hands of the admins.

How do the point-systems work?

This is a point system ladder much like TEN had, mixed with a touch of Cases ladder as well. The overall Rank is determined by a player's Points. Points are added and deducted from players based on who they play. Beating a player with much less points than you earns you basically nothing, however a loss to such a player would reward them greatly. Every player starts at 1500 points.

We also use something called a 'Skill Rating'. An average player's rating is meant to be around 50%, which is what everyone starts at. You can increase this rating by...

1- Beating an equal or higher rated player.
2- Winning streaks, every 3 game winning streak will improve your score.
3- Beating an arm opponent as Core.

You can decrease in rating in any of the following ways...

1- Losing to an equal or lower rated player.
2- Losing to a Core opponent as Arm.
3- Losing streaks, every 3 game losing streak will decrease your score.

The objective of the Skill rating is to isolate the elite. The idea is that most players should hover around 50%. Anything close to 40% is probably someone who isn't very good at all. Anyone near 100 is most likely a godly player. Rank on the ladder is determined by player Points, followed by Skill-Points.

Map of the Week: On the bottom left hand of the page, a map is listed and will change once a week. When you play a 1on1 game on this map, you gain extra points that week. The loser does not lose any extra points.

What now?

1- Find players on the same ladder and ask for a game.
2- Agree on a map and make sure both players know the game-settings.
3- Host a game and play.
4- Loser of the game must log onto the site and report his loss, system will update the standings.
5- If there is an argument or problem with reporting the game, or if the loser simply does not want to report, please contact a ladder administrator and report the incident to them. Have a replay of the game ready for review.