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Game Name Wierd Game, Wierd Positions Game Date 01/19/2003 Review Date 01/21/2003
Map Gods of War Rating 8 Reviewer Space_
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Rock A 8 8   Player 5
Player 2 Dune A 8 8   Player 6
Player 3 Shadeyblades B 8 8   Player 7
Player 4 ToxicShock B 8 8   Player 8
Well maybe it was the messed up positions, from suppose to be a 3v2 including Swe_Abe. Well Abe never shows up to TS ends up being up top, shadey on the right, Rock down bottom and Dune Peanut. So what does this do? Well it makes TS isolate himself All game. It Gives Rock the ability to get the bottom left fairly Easy. Makes for tight expanding Space for Shadey, and Plenty of Room for Dune to do his thing. So you might think its impossible for Shadey and TS to even put up a fight with these kinda conditions. Well think again, a fight is what we have, a unique one, but a good one.

TS - Air first, but gets no where with it. He doesnt utilize it to its fullest. As Dune went striaght see, he coulda made Dune pay for that with just 2-3 runs on his island. He however flys over once, and bombs once befores hot down. Rock then pounds him for awhile. and once he gets back on his feet. He does some interesting moves, going adv air and adv bombers, with core? Well it worked. He goes subs constantly when there is no crussies in site or other subs? Well it also Worked. But with those unique Moves he makes Shadey take a 2v1 Pel action for a quite a while in the game. Shadey however holds up nicely.

Shadey. Goes kbot and masses some pels and a bit of sea Res. He makes some good moves with his pels, and cripples the bottom left island early, and then moves on to dune, while dune strugles to get his adv up, Shadey is there killing a lot of resources. He then pull bcak and waits for the constant battle around that small island in the center. He takes it well and keeps enough up so that he doesnt get over ran. Once TAG pulls back for a just a second he takes the opprunitiny to go down and hassles rocks island.

Rock - Air first (as almost always) He does well, stealing TS's rocks, and bombing and using FF's like we all know he can. He then after seeing pels, shares M for a while, and builds his own island up. He will later on stop sharing once he has bottom left isle and do pels as well. He uses his Air cons, reclaiming while massing pels For the dual attack on Shadey. He provides support all game. And later on gets in teh sea to mass some cons. His sea force is growing and pumping pels, looks to be getting to big for Team B to handle? Or is he :P

Dune, Sea first and provides the oh so needed E for Rock. He gets in sea masses the resources and then looks to do pels later on. He gets his resources hit pretty hard by some early pels, and restricts his ability to pump pels, the way i think he really wanted to. He then gets back in sea, reclaims, and rebuilds mass resources, he goes Adv sea later on to do UW Const. BOts, which is always helpful as well as adv sub, and collosus. His ever growing economy and Pels size, also looks to be in full swing and production. All though he has a huge fight ahead of him, in the near future.

A well played game by all 4, although i didnt think all 4 played to thie rfull potential. Ive seen all 4 of these players,estonish others while watching thier games, but a good game none the less to watch. Seemed pretty even with differnt key moves to make it a game worth watching, well played by all.

*after watching this demo, you might think its just antoher brag demo move on right?* well Shadey was kind enough to tell me that if i did the review to put in there, "We rematched right after that game, and they owned us" - So leave the brag demo comments aside as they were proud of thier underdog victory and wanted to share it.