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Game Name Two Friends having a Fun Game Game Date 01/08/2003 Review Date 02/14/2003
Map The Desert Triad Rating 2 Reviewer Saint
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Executioner A 2 2   Player 5
Player 2 Exile B 3.5 3   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
"Two Friends having a Fun Game"
That is all this game is. Both players are very new at the game and don't really understand the concept of attacking.
Basically, both players porc up and don't attack at all. The building choices are not even what an average player would choose.
If you wanted tips Exile, you should have included a file saying you want tips. But, since you didn't I'm assuming you sent it in for the entertainment value.
SOrry to say it has none. I'm sure it was fun for you to play, but other players would not enjoy watching it so much.
Don't mean to sound too harsh, but I don't recommend d/loading this game at all. Sorry