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Game Name Gnugged Game Date 01/30/2003 Review Date 03/20/2003
Map Painted Desert Rating 8 Reviewer Saint
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Gnug115 A 9 8   Player 5
Player 2 ACE_Calgar B 8 9   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
Whoohooo, good game here between 115 and Calgar on PD. Both players select arm, with Calgar starting bottom and 115 top.
Calgar goes for some early flashes before his cons and it pays off as he is able to kill a few of 115's cons. Not only does it kill 115's cons, but watch as it changes his play to a more defensive style. Instead of sucking more rocks, he takes some of the cons and starts making MT's. And that was only from Calgar attacking with 2 flashes.
Even though he gets hit pretty hard, it seems 115 still has an advantage as he outnumbers Calagar in units. That's some Gnug PD experience for you!
The game progresses to the mass lvl 1 and fusion/moho combo and it really looks like Calgar is going to push over 115. He has a lot more attackers then 115, as he started his fusions later and instead went mass sams/flases and rockos.
When Calgar finally finishes his first fusion, 115 is nearly done his 5th, but Calgar has a large unit advantage.
Will 115 be able to hold on until he can pump those rockos or will Calgar cripple 115's base before he has a chance?
Download it now to find out!