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Game Name CounteR StrikE Game Date 03/12/2003 Review Date 03/25/2003
Map Red Hot Lava Rating 7 Reviewer X_Alumium_
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 RawDawgDarkSin A 7 7   Player 5
Player 2 RawDawgDivine B 7 7   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8

Quick Game Summary

Wow a Great game and a good choice to send this in. Both players play very well but what set this game apart, is how many counterattacks each player makes. You can literally keep guessing to the end, who will win, itís just not possible.
Both players have very Good UC with ground force movement. Its also amazing how quick they recover and few times it looked hopeless. Remember the game is not done till the Comm is dead, so keep your eyes glued, your mind focused, and enjoy the show.

Game Report

~Recorded Game: RawDawgDarkSin

~Game Length: Half an Hour

~Download Size: 1.93 Mb.

Game Summary

-Beginning Game DarkSin gets off to a rocky start when he moves his Comm toward bottom. Divine rushes Darksin and catches him offguard. DarkSin is in big trouble. Energy for his Dgunn has run low and his emgs protecting his base are under constant attack. They are running from place to place and donít have the ability to kill every attacker before damage is done.

More attackers come and soon DarkSinís base soon turns into a metal scrap yard. Does the game stop here, sure looks like it but Darksin eats up the metal and gets an attack force rounded up. He counterattacks but his forces are not as successful as Divineís.

-Middle Game Small skirmishís erupt on bottom when Divine tries to swarm Darksinís defense newly made defense. This just puts more metal in Darksinís hand and it helps more counter attack occur. Back and forth combat occurs and some great ones too.

-End Game Normally I would tell you exactly how the game is won and by who. This game is just to unpredictable and I really donít want to spoil the surprise. Enjoy the Rest!

Overall Game Statistics

~Game Battle Intensity: High
~Overall Skill Level: Skilled
~Game Predictability: None
~Unit Most Used: Flash
~Bombing Skill: N/A
~Most Determined: Both
~Most Aggressive Player: RawDawgDivine
~Learning Value: Effective Swarming Strat.
~Fun to Watch: Very

Comments and Tips on Individual Player

RawDawgDivine: Hehe yah I see what you where trying to teach me. This game has helped me and I love to see your Swarmy strategy.
RawDawgDarkSin: Nice job sticking in there. If I where you, I might have given up because at times it seemed like you where a goner.

Ending Recommendations

This game is a must to Download. Unpredictability always makes a great game to watch.