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Game Name How not to play GPP. Game Date 10/11/2002 Review Date 11/25/2002
Map Gasplant Plain Rating 5 Reviewer Memz
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 oo1o_O_O_o1oo 1 6 4   Player 5
Player 2 Duke_Graviton 2 5 4   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
This wasn't a very good game at all. Both players made many mistakes. If you download this at all it will be for what you shouldn't do on GPP.

oo1o_O_O_o1oo: Bottom Right. Starts vehicle. Very early Jeffy rush from oo1o_O_O_o1oo. He completed it quite successfully. He took out 3 winds, 1 metal extractor, and 1 radar. Does a fairly good job expanding to the top right. Takes out Graviton's only expanding con at the time. Continuously throughout the game he had 10 or 15 attack units which he failed to use. He allowed Graviton to expand more than he should have because he did not keep the pressure on him. He also fails to build defenders and other defence for awhile until Graviton starts to attack him again.

Duke_Graviton: Upper left. Starts vehicle. He has a decent flash rush taking 2 Metal Extractors and a Wind Generator. In the beginning he sent oo1o_O_O_o1oo about 500 metal by sending single flashes into his base. He was a little late expanding but he managed to take the bottom for a minute or so until one of oo1o_O_O_o1oo's flashes destroyed his con and metal extractor. Ends up walking into 7 or 8 sammies which brought his life down substantially. He dies when those same sammies come back after him a few minutes later.

This isn't a good game. I don't recommend downlaodint it.