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Game Name The Psychology of TA Game Date 11/26/2002 Review Date 11/26/2002
Map Comet Catcher Rating 8 Reviewer swo0py
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 X_Mastah A 7 7   Player 5
Player 2 Rhombic_Cloud (Pic) B 8 7   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
Two excellent players both go core and face off on Comet Catcher. This was a great game and, since mastah doesn't know this is pic smurfing, the game is long with alot of twists and turns.

There is alot to learn from this game but you have to keep in mind it is core v core. Since I want to use this demo to illustrate a few points it is hard to not say who won. Pic does but mastah plays very well and, I bet, would have played differently if he woulda known he was playing against on of the best just not your everyday smurf.

So what did Pic do that made the big difference? It all begins on how he expanded. Going veh he gets a con and sends it east while his com expands up the middle. His lab then builds slashers. The thinking is that since mastah too is core, by the time he gets some cons out of his own and then gets gators (worst case scenario) pic will already have enough slashers to stop the rush even without his com gaurding the plant.

It isn't an easy strat but it is one of the fastest ways to expand and it is up to your UC to stop the initial rushes before you get your second and third labs going. Pic walks his slow ass core com right up the middle building solars, mex's and most important plenty of RADAR. If you are going to be open and are not gaurding out your plant, like your enemy might be, you have to know where to send stuff and if he is coming from multiple directions.

Mastah sends some gators but they end up chasing a con and by the time they head for pic's starting location he has too many slashers. Mastah splits up his units like he should but so does pic and together with good radar coverage he is able to kill the gators well with his slashers.

This is the basic strat v strat in any game but with both core it is easier. Pic uses the distance it is gonna take mastah to send anything and risks losing a few cons and mex's but the more time mastah takes the more slashers he is gonna have PLUS the more middle he will control. Mastah MUST make Pic pay for expanding with his com and cut his base back, but with gators and not flashes and Pic not swinging all his stuff to one direction, he just simply cannot make him pay.

Now with Pic setup nicely int he middle the psychology of ta takes over. In crap loads of demos you say "Only if I would have sent my units down this side or that!" but you end up sending them right where your enemy wants you to. The middle holds some allure and I do it too, you just hate having him have the middle and attack it without thinking.

This being the case, Pic can reclaim super easy, his units get to the frontline easy and it is basically like he has a few additional labs considering the distance mastah's stuff has to travel to get to where the wrecks are.

Pic starts gaurding out mass cons to reclaim metal and set up mt's while mastah does some really nice bombing taking out possibly 20ish mex's with 1 bomber (I lost count to tell you the truth). Pic starts building mt's in the back of his base and rebuilds his mex's well.

There is just not much mastah could do now. Pic has access to more metal than he can use and gets nearly 20 labs setup and is closing in on 500 units.

For a change this demo is really worth the watch. Just remember it is core v core cause if mastah's gators were flashes he would inflicted more damage and possibly clogged if not killed Pic's first plant.

Good demo and fun to review/watch.