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Game Name PD - Operation Sand Storm Game Date 06/29/2003 Review Date 07/23/2003
Map Painted Desert Rating 9 Reviewer Alumium
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 X_LaGstaH A 9 9   Player 5
Player 2 M0_Wing B 9 9   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8

~~~~ Game Side Review ~~~~

- Game Time: 25 Min. - Game Size: 2.79 Mb. - Game Players: X_LaGstaH vs. M0_Wing

Game Side 1 -

-- Game Description --

The real thrills of large, metal rich PD come alive in this demo with intesity of the charts, the players at their best, and the suspense that will kill you. Very few Mts. made but these guys will show u how to use sams to defend, attack, and claim victory all at the same time.

Game Side 2 -

-- Player Description --

These guys are very equally matched, and play mostly the same strategy the whole way through. These guys are very aggressive and not afraid to show who is boss.

Game Side 3 -

-- Game Analysis --

Beginning Game

The wind blows sort as both players are getting geared for war. LaGstaH coming down from the North makes the first strike. His Jeffies rip through a few mexes but are stopped shortly by the defense. Wing decides this is a great time to make a counter strike, and does so by sending a small force of emgs LaGstaH's way. Wing's harmful emgs pour down pellets onto LaGstaH's winds and other critical structures, but he shortly recovers and returns to full strength.

Middle Game

Little while later… Wing starts the aggressive assaults, in long spread apart columns, he sends flashes straight from the plant at LaGstaH1 in order to overwhelm him in time. LaGstaH1, to counter the emgs sets up large masses of sampsons in the direct path to feed his growing army. Wing, realizing this is happening, starts to mass his own militia of sampsons to defend from a direct assault. This is where it where it gets fun, LaGstaH1 holds his ground in the south and fights his way to victory over the opposing sampson army. In the north however, Wing swoops his emgs in from the top right side into the heart of LaGstaH1's base. Wing, still in his offensive state, takes his army of emgs/sams and pushes as far as he can go until outnumbered.

End Game

Wing in the end makes a few desperate aggressive attempts at LaGstaH1 base, but leaves his own wide open for a slaughter assault. LaGstaH1, with 30 second lagg, poor into Wings headquarters and take the game. A good ending to a good fought game.

Game Side 4 -

-- Game Strategies --

Team A

Played defensive most through out game. Didn't reclaim as much rocks but reclaimed more emg/sampson wrecks. Kept cool and waited for right time to attack.

Team B

Very aggressive player. Mostly loved to swarm the enemy from anywhere at any time with fast and devastating emg affects.

Game Side 5 -

-- Game Awards --

- Best Unit Control : X_LaGstaH

- Smartest Building : Equal

- Most Aggressive : M0_Wing

- Most Units Made : X_LaGstaH1

Game Side 6 -

-- Game Extras --

- Overall Intensity : Explosive

- Most Common Unit Made : Samson

- Game predictabitity : None

- Learning Value : Sam control, Building without Mt's

Game Side 7 -

-- Overview Analysis --

I thought this game never had a part that got boring. Both players did very well and played their own games. I think this is a definite PD at it's best :)

- Game Rules: None - Game Highlights: Sampson Control, Intense Fighting, Smart building

~~~~ Xpert Alumium Review ~~~~