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Game Name Players reaching par, and how idiots ruin games Game Date 11/21/2003 Review Date 01/07/2004
Map Painted Desert Rating 7 Reviewer N_EvilScott
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 A_Novice_ToS A 9 9   Player 5
Player 2 Duke_Mastah B 9 9   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
This game is over a 23MB download, and is 33mb unzipped. It's about 2 hours and action packed so I'll try and summarize here. First the Pro's of this game. Any old school player can tell ya this game is top notch, like this is how games are meant to be thus novice and mastah being up to par with their game on this map good job guys!

But what really ruined this game for me was listening to pacer and vapor talk like stupid idiots GUYS SHUT THE F*CK UP! HONESTLY you gave away so much crap. At one point mastah was in distress going DAMNIT! and then pacer opens his trap saying looks like its a long game. Right there that told mastah he's even. DAMNIT PACER!.... then later in game they're like oh yah this was a good game. YOU IDIOTS IT WASN"T OVER YET! I"m just glad that vapor said something about that to pacer. So note to people SHUT UP WHEN YOUR PLAYING!

Ok anyway. The game starts off nicely with vehicle of course. Mastah does a nice 3 way expansion to concentrate his forces and his might. Novice likes the idea of wrapping around the middle to easily secure half the map atleast the top portion and beable to push his units down south without challenge. I think mastah saw this and when he did his building he did a good counter to it by pushing all attention to middle, thus throwing novices plans off. Even tho they prolly didn't know it to begin with!!! dun dun DUN!!!!

Game rages on with flash/sam war and evolves to rockos and fusions. This game goes above and beyond for 1 reason only. THEY ARE FEARLESS you can't play like this game unless your FEARLESS :) I woudln't go so far as to say these 2 are THE best PD players, but they're definetly 2 of the best.

Both players masses fusions and goes for some farks and adv air for some hawks and peepers etc. Novice made me smile when he said no thanks to mass level 1 units with his fusions, instead he made mavs ;) I was like oh yeah baby! Targetting centers go up and bb's are located from every corner of the map. Nonestop explosions mass action. I had to slow it down or else I'd miss it all! Great game its DEFINITLY WORTH YOUR TIME

I gave the game a 7 becuase of the damn talking at start and through out the game. However the scores for both players speek for themselves. I woulda given higher than 9 but they had so many idle cons... wasn't pretty :P game coulda been in better synch if they had controlled cons with more speed and accuracy, but I won't knock them this game was fantastic.

Novice, Mastah awesome job guys you almost make me wanna start playing TA real again :P I'm just sorry you had a couple of dumb ass watches :P or atleast a couple watchers that were in a dumb ass mood hehe GG GUYS!