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Game Name Ahh finally...bombers! Game Date 11/26/2003 Review Date 06/26/2004
Map Crystal Maze Rating 6 Reviewer _xMANTISx_
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 backdraft A 7 7   Player 5
Player 2 Boomer B 6 6   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
No emg game @ +3 speed on crystal maze. I love this map...kinda like playing metal heck but u don't feel like quite as much of a noob :P Also it's a good map to tech up on if you use the choke points wisely.

Well...this wasn't very interesting...I watched the whole thing at +10 speed. Boomer makes a smart move at first setting up radar and mts south to block backdraft from expanding. One guardian from backdraft and a brief guardian battle and all that work was for nothing. Boomer is at top, never builds top 2 mex or top 3 geos. Backdraft gets carried away with sams/rockos...builds 4 or 5 metal storages...before finally realizing he needs to tech up.

Once the wreckage gets kinda heavy both players are smart and go air to reclaim/feed their economy. Noone does adv. air tho *sigh*...nor do they go bb...just fusions and mmms :( Backdraft however does mass some level1 bombers and finally gets the job done.

Hammers were used by backdraft and if you do watch this you'll see why they aren't used too have to send with rockos or some other unit for them to be even slightly effective...personally I'd go with stumpys and rockos once stuff is messy like that. It was kind of funny tho watching them get powderized by a wall of mts :P Ahh well, I dunno, watch if you want...been in the cue a long guys. Poke me with a fork.