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Game Name Roaches of Wonder Game Date 11/25/2002 Review Date 11/25/2002
Map Gods of War Rating 8 Reviewer Space_
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 TAG_Bzero A 7 7   Player 5
Player 2 RawDawgRuthless A 8 9   Player 6
Player 3 Tigermoth_Tos_ B 6 6   Player 7
Player 4 A_Novice_Tos B 8 8   Player 8
Well what can i sayt his game takes turns left and right, and u never know where its going to end up. THis is the kinda games i would like to see more of. Althought it wasnt the greatest game ive ever seen, this game kept me interested and made me actually want to see the ending and who came through with the victory, this is what we need on Tadrs.

TAG_Bzero - Veh to sea, to keep it short :P. After in sea he doesnt have a whole lot of impact on the game till about mid way and towards the end. He doestn fully share E at the start instead setting it at 150, which if ur pard is air first, u gotta fully share E and provide himw with the res to not get owned by another air first. Anyways they got lucky, with a 1:42min FF which is sad, but lucky for them Tiger went bomber. He gets left alone for the next 15-20min and masses up some sea then goes adv and gets that going in order to stay even with novice who is doing very well in sea.

RawDawgRuthless - Air first but doesnt have full E support from his pard so is late on it all but does very good with ff/bomber control to still take the lead on tiger. Killing his air and shooting bombers/const before they get outa plant. He then goes straight to adv as he sees that Tiger is doing the same trying to recover. He pumps a few pels and this is where he comes into full force. he uses those pels to roach Tiger mulitiple times totally takeing out his right island. He then takes pels up top clears that out, then ends up killing tiger with 3 roaches, was a crazy roach day for Ruth, using them very well and effectivly all game long, excellent UC in that respect.

Tiger - Well he went bomber first but didnt effectivly bomb till it was to late, ruth had 2ff's and bzero had cons/sams. He then reclaims and goes for adv. but thats shoot down real quick as he gets roached multiple times, and gets his adv taken out, then gets his com taken out. His game is short lived, but he does give Nov a bit of stuff up top before he goes which helps Nov make it a great battle for the next 25-30min.

Nov - Veh to sea and masses skeets/crussies all game and does this very well, he gets adv up late when it becomse 2v1 and he holds this 2v1 like a pro. At certain times he has twice the crussies of bzero, but every time he goes in for a quick rush, he gets roached multiple times and had to draw back losing way to many crussies/skeets/pels. He makes this a great game by holding both ruth and bzero back for ages, he could have expanded more and possibly made this game his, but its taking all he has to stay in it as it is. so i can see the frustration in trying to expand as well.

This is the type of game that makes u root for one team or the other. Nov, does very well to show you how to make a 2v1 very exciting and make it seem as though he could take this somewhere. Bzero holds him well and uses great teamwork with ruth to keep in the game. Ruth showing his roaching and pel skills, and UC controling reclaiming cons, setting up a base on right island, roach, peeping, bombing, and much more was impressed keeping multiple things going at the same time. Tiger was just getting started had he stayed in this game coulda been a totaly crazy game. well played.