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Game Name Topsy Turvey Game Date 11/17/2002 Review Date 11/29/2002
Map Comet Catcher Rating 6 Reviewer ACE_Beeky
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 TEA_Alpha A 5 6   Player 5
Player 2 Wrath_Remle B 6 6   Player 6
Player 3 TEA_Rules A 5 5   Player 7
Player 4 TEA_Smash B 6 5   Player 8
This was an average game on cc skill wise, but very enjoyable to watch! A few basic mistakes by every players didnít detract from a very good game. : )

Here we have Relme and Smash (south) take on Rules and Alpha (north).

All players start off very similar, but I was worried it was a no emg game for the first few minutes, since I didnít see a single one. Fortunatly, after the initial sams and cons, Alpha gets some out, and shows immediately how annoyingly effective they can prove, even in small numbers.

Alphaís 2 flashes down the middle, wreak havoc, firstly in Smashís base, then moving on under and through Relmes base. Both Smash and Relme, really failed to deal with these and pretty much left them alone to cause havoc. Bad play guys, it slowed you down. The importance of radar in these situations is shown, especially on such a large map.

Rules, opted for the comm walk, soon after his plant, walking down the side, building mexxes and solars as he went. Unfortunately, he lost his comms nano ability on his veh fac, so any units he could have made were built in much slower time.

In contrast, Relme kept his comm near his plant for 75% of this game, to power out cons (mostly) and sams. Relme attacks Rules with mass flashes after his initial expansion, but they make little impact. This combined with Alphas flash attack (2 flashes ^_^) left him very very weak. Rules should have taken advantage of this but he didnít seem to realise this. L

Smash, expanded ok, but didnít deal with flash attacks well. Alpha, played very aggressively against smash, and didnít build that many cons all game. At the Ĺ way point, his flash/sam/rocko attack has smash on the ropes. I also liked the use of the con veh backing up attacks with MT. (but you could have used ore). The lack of cons though didnít help when his attack failed. L

Anyway, Smash holds on and fights back, all the wreckage helps his cause, impeding Alphas units,

Likewise on the other side, Relme fights back well, and eventually starts up guardians and sam pushes, which rules canít hold.

3 things about this game I spotted. First the number of wrecks was high, and a few players neglected to suck them immediately, instead building MT in their place. Wrecks are so important Ė instant metal boost rather than letting mexxes work for it. Also the players all took their time getting cons building solars. As I remember, 5th con out of your plant should be on solars all game. (or something like that). You should never run out of energy that way! (aka Smash). One other thing was the number of missile towers that were never used! If you are going to build in the middle, build it down or up towards the enemiesí base, and radar target. If successful, you can start to curve round the enemiesí base, providing a strategic and psychological advantage.

Also, watch your metal, donít let it excess, or even go over 600M (on this map). If you go un-harrassed, your M production will soar, soon after your first veh plant, so be prepared to get more plants operating quicker! (e.g Alpha)

Anyway, a good game, lots of entertainment, played by players who obviously know the game, but just made a few basic mistakes each.