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Game Name Some games are funner to play, than watch. Game Date 07/09/2006 Review Date 08/06/2006
Map John's Pass Rating 5 Reviewer arisendemon
Game Type 4vs4     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 TRP_Gully a 6 6   Player 5 Jays3sons b 6 6
Player 2 Nukealator a 5 5   Player 6 Lazy_Ray b 7 6
Player 3 TRP_Lastbully a 5 4   Player 7 FFAxChowie b 7 6
Player 4 FFAxCell a 1 1   Player 8 Ferball b 5 5
This game has nothing special in it. To expert players, you won't want to download it. To average-noob players, it may be enjoyable a bit. I'm sure it was much funner to play.

We have a 4vs4 on JP.

Ferball owns Cell at the first, which, Cell basicly allowed it. So of course Cell com bombs.. he kills Ferball.

It's now a 3vs3.. The core dude, nukealator, has like 50 storms and dosn't attack, then when he does attack, he gets 75% of them killed by 2 crusaders..

Chowie rapes bully with mavericks, and the game is pretty much a normal ending after that, nothing special at all.