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Game Name Interesting 4v4 Game Date 12/13/2002 Review Date 03/15/2003
Map Wretched Ridges Rating 8 Reviewer Vaxon
Game Type 4vs4     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Tek A 7 7   Player 5 Mobster B 7 7
Player 2 Abe A 7 6   Player 6 Buzzin B 6 6
Player 3 BadMan A 6 6   Player 7 noobkilla B 5 6
Player 4 Butcher A 5 5   Player 8 Mr Hyde B 6 6
First of all you need Battle Tactics to even think about watching this game.

Also you will need to press the pause button a lot to keep track of what is goin on. At first you think its a right versus left however it just turns into one of those if you ally with me i will ally with you type games. Getting started on this map can be very hard however I was surprized that nobody went early jeffy rush it could have done a lot of damage. Send one jeffy in one way and another the other.

Another thing i would do on this map is prolly build a few defenders then guardian creep just be carefull try not to use your com to much use all cons in case of com rush. raiding really does pay off as well make sure you send out raids in groups at the same time. Also teeth work really well on this map they can help you hold metal patches especailly in the little craters =)

Other than that this was a great game to watch. Plenty to see and improve upon but nobody plays this map that much =) GG Guys