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Game Name OUCHIES! that hurt! Game Date 06/27/2003 Review Date 01/08/2004
Map Ooooweeee Rating 9 Reviewer N_EvilScott
Game Type 4vs4     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 nar_fu_187 A 9 9   Player 5 N_CyRaXz B 8 9
Player 2 noobk1LLLa187 A 7.5 8   Player 6 Mr_Hyde187 B 8 8
Player 3 LocOreo A 7 7   Player 7 X_BuRnOuT B 8 8
Player 4 N_R4cTice_ A 7.5 8   Player 8 __SpHeR3__ B 8 8.5
Yay! fun game here! It's fun to see some of the lesser players in TA, or atleast the never mentioned ones really smoke some guys. Nar Fu obviously stood out this game with his straight 9's Good job bud you did well. Anyway, everyone in this game deserves some credit. The game was nonestop action packed, strategic talk, stress talk, and even ok I'm gonna die send aid right away kinda stuff. It was awesome I loved it and you will too! hehe..

The map layout is kinda funny so bear with me here. Ooooweeee is a map with 3 isles top and bottom, and then a giant middle and, an isle beside it on the left and right.

Nar fu = top right
LocOreo = right
__SpHeR3__ = bottom right
Mr_Hyde187 = bottom
N_R4cTice_ = bottom left
noobk1LLLa187 = left
N_CyRaXz = top left
X_BuRnOuT = top

Cyrax likes the fast FF approach in this game and goes annoying, whilst the other players also go air, cept for sphere whom masses some resources first. Why I have no clue cuas emost of them die to bombers when he gets bombed with no AAA. DOH! anyway, the game has savage bombing and Mr hyde and nar fu send commies to middle taking it over. Some nice BB warefare begins. The bb's aren't the main show tho, theres CONSTANT bombing and fighting all game with units ranging from FF's to hawks/vamps and adv bombers even atlasses fly all over. It's very cool to see, everyone builds their geo on outer isle. It's total chaos, when youw atch it you'll spend the first few mins or longer trying to sort out the game and organize it so you can follow.

It's well worth you time. Not very often you see something as good as this IMHO. Big games own boys GG and Good job! watch the game for yourself to see the out come cuase its the kind of game to keep you on the edge of your seat the whole game.