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Game Name Comet 4v4 Game Date 01/05/2004 Review Date 04/27/2004
Map Comet Catcher Rating 7.8 Reviewer FLoW
Game Type 4vs4     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 A_Novice a 8.8 8.8   Player 5 BL4CK_AQUA b 8 8
Player 2 cover593 a 8 8.25   Player 6 SY_Ekke b 8 8
Player 3 swe_abe a 8.4 8.25   Player 7 WoW_Somsay b 7 7
Player 4 GG_Ocine a 7 7   Player 8 VP_Gix b 7.5 7.5
Big game. As novice and VP_Gix head out to middle ground, room runs out. VP_Gix micro's guardian, only to find it d-gunned in seconds by Novice, ouch!

Abe seems like he gets bored a little and starts having a little fun by side scrolling his bombers and taking out metals and solars behind enemy bases.

Mean while things pick up in middle by defenders, guardians, sams, and rockos. Two die in the process to control middle. GG_Ocine roaming around with his com, SY_Ekke picks up on it, GG_Ocine TOASTED! Cover593 moving in to get SY_Ekke, Cover593 REJECTED!

PS: If units start moving like .speed 500 just type .speed 10 it should turn it normal speed.