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Game Name Low Game Date 04/07/2004 Review Date 07/08/2004
Map Luschaven Rating 0 Reviewer PRO_Silencer
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 WiKiD-MuthaJamma A   Player 5
Player 2 HiddenNemesis B 7 8   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
This is just sad. First time mutha was caught, he tells everyone it was a one off, he was stupid to get it, he's deleted it, he's sorry bla bla bla. 'Cept this game is recorded waaaay after all that. Pretty similar to the one u all saw on acid4some. He tries to hide it slightly, but its so obvious... The best thing about it is, Nemesis owns him LOL. Mutha starts off playing awful, at least compared to what he usually plays like. (which is pretty good believe it or not) Nemesis however, builds up well, takes half the map quickly, but excesses resources all game. Anyway, who cares about the game...
I'n not gonna bother listing all the times that he cheated, cos it was just too often, but some of the more obvious ones are shown below:

-Watch when he starts 2 adv. airlabs in middle left. See how long each takes.
-28 minutes. Middle left. 2 adv. air cons and 2 hawks instabuilt from each plant.
-31:30 minutes. Middle left. BB and guardian pop up.
-35:55 minutes. Nuke built with 1 adv. kbot con VERY quickly.
-When he needs to dgun, but has no energy, watch his fusion finish immediately from being 1/5 done.

This time, i suggest u actually delete it, and start over with a new name, new res, and hope people wont know it's you... Someone told me that mutha said it was an accident to use it, but it was blatantly on purpose, and if it was a mistake, u could always have left...