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Game Name Snoop's old schol - SY spank Game Date 01/01/1999 Review Date 06/20/2005
Map King Of The Hill Rating 7 Reviewer swe_abe
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 OndJultomte (SY_Ekke) A 7 7   Player 5
Player 2 SY_Mindminder A 7 7   Player 6
Player 3 eXCeL_THRee B 7 7   Player 7
Player 4 eXCeL_TWo B 7 7   Player 8
The yankspankers battle on KoTH vs. some unknown smurf clan. I'm guessing it's around 1999.

The smurfs try a risky strat where one of them walks to middle right away, while sharing his resources. SYs counter with typical SY style. Solid building and keeping cool until they have the power to strike back.

Fun old game, but nothing special. It would be fun to know who the smurfs were.