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Game Name Pincusssshion Game Date 01/23/2005 Review Date 08/27/2005
Map Pincushion Rating 9 Reviewer PRO_rANDY
Game Type 3vs3     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 PRO_Emaciator A 7 8   Player 5 n1_Raster B 9 8
Player 2 swe_abe A 8 7   Player 6 Silencer B 8 8
Player 3 TAG_Venom A 8 7   Player 7 A_Novice_ToS B 8 8
Player 4 . .   Player 8
Pincushion is a relatively unplayed map, but this game shows there can be some cool games played on its surface.

The game starts out with team A in top left, all going vehicles first with flash raids from Emac and Venom whilst abe builds real nice keeping his side up with the res. Team B also has all vehicles but on this team we have Nov as core and Silencer taking the slightly risky build order of making 6 extractors before his first plant, which turns out very nicely. Fast geos are also the order of the day as half the players go geo before expanding out of their start pos.

The early rushing is going fairly evenly, Ven from team A is not given the freedom to expand, as is Nov on team B, their bases can be fit on one screen for the first 10 minutes. Raster almost gets a geo with 1 flash and Nov loses his to a solitary flasher a little later from Emac. Meanwhile for the middle men of each team, Silencer and abe are building themselves up nicely. Abe is capping the metal spots behind his teams starts, whilst Silencer moves his Commander to the middle and gaurds out some HLTs and enjoys the benefits of the metal rich middle.

The game is going along nicely, you can tell the players are finding the game tedious and stressful, as they wonder how on earth that flash got into the back of their base and takes out the last 10 minutes of expansion they worked so hard to get and HLTs and MTs become useless as they only hit spires. Makes for great watching though.

The game looks to be swaying in favour of team B as they have most of the map and Venom is struggling to get a base going, but then TA's oldest foe hits as Silencer disconnects which Novice takes, trebling his trebling his income in the process. However its now 3 men against 2, until an angry Emac gets caught too far from his base after having 4 labs dgunned, 2v2 it is.

The game gets to the advanced stages and this is where Raster becomes the main man of the game after his solid opening as he takes control of the skies with lots of adv air, whilst being backed up by Nov who is keeping constant pressure on his opponents from the ground. Abe and Venom now have heavy lasered bases, I mean heavy, Venom is getting the adv air up and Abe has a few nuke launchers ready. I will leave the rest for you to watch and see who wins.

A highly recommended game, lots of the usual with the less so. Lots of flash, hawk swarms and rockos, but also cans, mavericks, peewees, brawlers and decoy commanders making a show. Lots of other treats in this game which would take away from this game if I told you.