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Game Name Tray-Tor? Game Date 02/08/2006 Review Date 09/06/2006
Map Painted Desert Rating 5 Reviewer Postal
Game Type 3vs3     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Dobby A 4 3   Player 5 supremecommander B 1 2
Player 2 LD_rtvapc A 5 2   Player 6 LD_milou2029 B 4 4
Player 3 LD_crackjbz A 6 4   Player 7
Player 4 superzazou B 3 4   Player 8
These seems to be a randomly drawn brawl on Painted Desert between Pheonix Worx regulars.

The game begins with a: "No EMG?"


Yes... No EMG. So no flashkers, and as a result after Dobby's mildy successful Feffy raid, there isn't a shot fired until eight minutes and 53 seconds into the game. In the mean time no one seems to understand that rocks are for reclaiming. Only Crack fans out and grabs the rocks right away while all the other players do things like build heavy laser towers, or go advanced. There are loads of mistakes all over the place by each player. rtvapc expands and grabs the middle left open to him by supremecommander, but sends slashers to die one at a time at the hands of milou's com. milou did the same thing moments earlier, passing up a chance to kill dobby's com and instead opting for juicer targets; like solars, or rtvapc's slashers. Supremecommander discovers the innefectiveness of the Pheonix's laser against slashers, and superzazou neglects to rebuild anything after it gets destroyed. It becomes very one sided quite quickly.

The game title is "Betrayer" which is why I think this demo got sent in. The recorder, Dobby seems to think that crack's treachery after the game's resolution is unnacceptable and most messed up. I found it amusing that he'd be so offended, if he didn't like the fact that crack unallied him he could have simply quit. After all, this had to have been a friendly or training game on PW, and wouldn't get recorded for anything anyways. Instead crack says "no anglias" and Dobby whines.

All in all, amusing if you enjoy sub-average skill play, or if you want to observe as supremecommander pits his level one bombers against rtvapc's slashers (which he does.) and find out who comes out on top.