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Game Name An answer to a question widely asked... Game Date 11/04/2006 Review Date 11/07/2006
Map Metal Heck Rating 10 Reviewer N_Evilscott
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 nK-ComStalker A 9.5 9   Player 5
Player 2 shoot_two_kill B 8 8.5   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
So I was watching this tad one day and I saw that well... it answers a question!!!

This recording has A LOT of learning value out there for anyone looking how to answer the question... "What do you do when you have an entire maps worth of units thrown at you?"

Well in this tad the players are hell bent on destroying eachother, but one gets the upper hand but shortly one fights back!

We have comstalker down south who prompts to make like 6 quick labs ALL CONS super fast by 8 minutes. I nice build if I do say so myself~!

Then up north in the blood red color we have shoot_two_kill... I have no idea who that guy is but check this out.. in this game he makes over 70 labs.. YES YOU READ IT RIGHT S-E-V-E-N-T-Y.

Just watch the game to see how many labs that is.. Let me put it this way... it fills about 2/3 the map of labs alone :P isn't that awesome? :)

Now so if you have half a map of labs you have to have half a map of units too!

*******************************************ONTO THE GAME********************************************

Here is where the game gets JUICY! Comstalker has litereally just a freaking corner down south and he has virtually over 700 units blasting at his door step. Pop quiz to all you experts out there... How do you beat 700 rockos at your front door when you have literally less than 1/4 the map? HA!!! I know that even those cocky people like Venom and Natas and people will just quit and say gg, but no not Comstalker in this game... He picks himself up and decides to make his stand!!!

Doomsday machines.. Vipers... Gat Guns.... Pop up cannons! massss guardians...

Then after all those units are flooding the bottom corner of the map and comstalker loses that land... he has built up some in the top right with a single con and lab and BOOM! suddenly he has TONS and he mixes in some thuds and fights back! but here is where the tides turn... He still has 700 units pouring onto his front lines... he still has all the pressure of constant fire power trying to demolish him good... But what does he do? He hits shoot two kill where it hurts!


Bombs falling and.. UH OH!!! no more resources!! instantly 70 labs choke up and STOP producing ANYTHING at all... what happens next? mass bombers come out of no where marking labs and those labs and he starts bombing them. Along with this... those constant units stop flowing. It looked like a giant river just constantly flowing over into comstalkers base, but shortly after the war stops and his own units start to comeout.. then in the land down south he lost he begins to masssssssssss kbot labs with his own mass air cons, but right before he could seriously out produce shoot two kill, he find shis commie and bombs him.


Great learning from this game in how to build to defend and never give up and never surrender! METAL HECK WOOT!

Download this game! I order you to! :D It's 21.7mb though just so you are aware. BIG GAME... But you will learn how to use a players weaknesses to your advantage and come back. Comstalker had already come back in this game and was going to out produce shoot_two_kill and take out all his labs with his own units, but he found the commie first so it saved us about 10 minutes or more... GG FELLAS! Loved it...