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Game Name Com Com Comet Game Date 02/26/2007 Review Date 02/28/2007
Map Comet Catcher Rating 8 Reviewer DARKxShadow
Game Type 3vs3     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 N_Reaper A 9 8   Player 5 ACE_Quasor B 8 8
Player 2 ACE_Joker B 8 8   Player 6 FFAxHEXdump B 7 7
Player 3 FFAxBoldok A 7 7   Player 7
Player 4 FFAxRapier A 7 7   Player 8
ok this is actually a quite amusing game to watch. why you wonder?, 3v3 CC is always messy. well what makes this so fun is that the 2 players that play most aggressíve and does it bestare the only ones playing Core.

We got Reaper pushing down from the left top corner with storms,slashers, Gollies (gotta love those). And we got Joker pushing up from lower right corner with some serious aggressive playing that was entertaining to watch. so both cores are in opposite corners. Both have the 2 weakest players in the game against em... Rapier is the first to hit the dust. HEX pretty much gets wiped out. BUT! it's now that the better part of the game starts (end of act 1 )

Act 2

Now we got the still all out aggressive banging on Boldoks door. we got reaper that slows down the attacks to build up some fusions and MMM. we got the little ACE guy (quasor) sitting in the middle of the map defending like mad. then suddenly we got an almost wiped out Boldok running like a african boy to reaper warm cuddly lap. 3 minutes later we got joker noticing that he has been offensive and doesn't really have alot of stuff really. So does the rabid ACE and his sidekick HEX hold of the massive warmachine we call reaper? Do the offence from joker pay off? or Does Gollies simply own too much? (end of Act 2)

Final act

just watch the game for this one....

End Text

the fun part was seeing the core players completly owned all arm players at the aggressive play.
the sad part was that rapier and HEXdump both were abit too weak players to play in this game, which basicly made it at 2v2 with 1 guy on each team starting in the middle and not in a corner.