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Game Name Listen and Learn Game Date 05/14/2008 Review Date 05/30/2008
Map Anteer Strait Rating 4 Reviewer Gaia
Game Type FFA     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Homie12 1 3 3   Player 5
Player 2 LoC_DoGG 2 4 3   Player 6
Player 3 phidias 3 6 5   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
Okay, so lets just say this was quite boring, but it was an ffa, and most people are too scared to attak and decide to build all game

Pros: Your not terrible at building once you get a certain amount of metal flowing, but until then, u have much to learn

Cons: Okay, so in TA pick a strategy and play by it. Why do you make an adv kbot plant so early, it makes no sense, like the map has limited metal, the only understandable reason is if u want to go fast pels and attack to overwhelm a guy (would have worked nicely),but no, you decided to make fusion, not to mention that you had ZERO aa, a single bomber coulda have wied u out. Secondly, if a single skeet attacks you.... make mt... =.=. I have no idea why u made fidos to defend it, u HAD farks to speed up mt production, WHY did you make that fido
Much, much, much to learn.

Pros: Good job scouting, your the only person who bothered to care what your oppenents were doing, and also you were the only one with the guts to attack.

Cons: Your bombing... omg... learn when to do it. I swear he had ZERO aa you even scouted and the scout lived, yet when u saw a fusion, u waited 5 mins til u had 15 bombers before bombing, by which time he had aa up. I was going insane, since when u saw the unprotected fusion u had 8 bombers, doing nothing, even a SINGLE bomber would have killed it, WHY DID YOU WAIT. Secondly, when you have an army of skeets and you wish to attack, attack using all of them, DO NOT attack with half, give him a ton of wreck and accomplish nothing, its sad to watch.
Finally, at the start, ur bo is terrible, 5 mins b4 a plant is a definite NO, and also, your commy was idle for 20 seconds, and you had no other construction unit... did u go afk or somethin...?

Pros: You seem to be the only one who knows how to take advantage of an ffa, liked your build, however.....

Cons: You have to learn what to do with metal, and need much better unit control. Firstly, you could have ended it with pels and crussy, why didn;t have to play the way u did. At one point i swear you had 12/18 or so fark idle. Also, at a point when either of your oppenents could be taken out if u pumped mass pels..... u went adv veh and made scarabs.... like as if a nuke could have ever come... thats basically like making a targeting facilty.... why... =.=

Overall, boring game, not much to watch, however, those who played, take the advice, and others also :P