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Game Name Plague of Locusts Game Date 03/12/2009 Review Date 03/18/2009
Map Yerrot Mountains Rating 6 Reviewer Postal
Game Type 3vs3     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Pyromathic A 7 5   Player 5 TAG_Sensation B 7 8
Player 2 Sleep A 8 8   Player 6 kyleb B 4 3
Player 3 Spokane A 5 4   Player 7
Player 4 No_Clue B 8 6   Player 8
Yerrot Mountains people; a beast of a map. 33 Megabytes; a beast of a demo.

It starts out pretty confusing with a lot of ally chat and not much really going on. Then the sound of Flashes starts and never ceases. Some nice raiding by Sensation is probably the highlight there. The map is so big though, its really hard to keep track of it all. It was really messy stuff, was everywhere, and everybody except for Sensation and Sleep were Ctrl+Zing like mad, so hordes of flashes just got stuck all over themselves. Pulling back your game winning attack in favor of attacking a handful of units in the back of your base isn't the best way to approach things.

Its kind of obvious in the beginning, bu Spokane and Kyleb are well behind the others in skill. It really shows when the game enters that build up phase, and they are miles behind thier allies. They both eventually get swallowed in the swarm of hawks. Hawks that filled the skies until you cant even see the ground below from our high vantage point. What do you expect from a map as giant as Yerrot Mountains though?

So in case you don't get the picture, this map is huge, gigantic, and enormous all at the same time. The never ceasing drone of flash fire is replaced by the neverending sound of hawk missiles flying around. Its chaotic and pretty entertaining to watch for a while. Then it starts to drag.

It would be much higher rated if it weren't for a few things:

1. The neverending sound of ctrl+zed flashes actually got to me this game, had to turn the sound off.

2. Pyromathic goes AFK for a decent chunk of time, which basically just dragged things out further.

3. Its pretty predictable.

Its a different map though, and if you think you can keep up with the Chaos, by all means download. It was just too big for me.

On a technical note, the file is not in .tad format or something. You have to extract it, start your replayer, and then change the setting to all files. Once this is done select the extracted file and it should play.