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Game Name Odd map with a decent game Game Date 03/29/2002 Review Date 12/27/2002
Map Crystal Maze Rating 6 Reviewer Abe
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 iamagoth A 6 6   Player 5
Player 2 AnarkyDIABLO A 6 6   Player 6
Player 3 BLITZ_ShootZa B 6 6   Player 7
Player 4 LoCMIGHTYcow B 6 6   Player 8
A 2v2 on Crystal Maze isn´t what you´d call groundbreaking, but considering that most games in the unreviewed bin are played on GoW, this is refreshingly different.
More games on odd maps! (and I will keep repeating that)

The game itself starts off with a very ineffective buildorder by DIABLO, a very nice start by iamagoth and MIGHTY, and what appears to be total confusion by ShootZa.

DIABLO is hurt by early raids, and he struggles to come back from his bad start. But he´s one of the true ekspurts, and won´t go down easily. His opponent in the south, MIGHTY, takes the opportunity and expands quickly with good building.

The battle up north is a sad story, nothing is working for ShootZa. Not building, not raiding, nothing. iamagoth can raid and expand with ease. So in a way, both teams have oen player doing good, and one in trouble wich could be a good setup but...

...don´t read more unless you want a SPOILER...

DIABLO, even with a crappy start, still plays a lot better then ShootZa who gets run over by iamagoth before the 15 min mark and the game becomes 2v1. Outcome predictable.

Disclaimer - the score has nothing to do with the player´s actual skill level, something that I won´t even try to rate.