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Game Name Early Advantage/Late Struggle Game Date 12/28/2002 Review Date 12/28/2002
Map Gasplant Plain Rating 8 Reviewer Space_
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 LocBlaster A 8 8   Player 5
Player 2 locCorb A 8 8   Player 6
Player 3 Mobster_187 B 8 8   Player 7
Player 4 LocFrisky B 8 8   Player 8
With this review im gonna try something new in the way i review it and hopefully add a little something to it. if you dont like it let me know.

Brief Summary of Game:
- A good Gpp game with great teamwork and use of units and defense. Usually Gpp is 2 1v1's with little hlep from teammates. The A team uses good team work at the beggining to help control Mob's mass expansion and good use of his units. Mob then useing good decision to help out frisky up top enabling him to survive from a well placed Gaurd by corb. Mob then has the time for a BB and uses it to his advantage.

Player Ups and Downs:
Good - Good uses of units/cons/Resources. He helps frisky all game and takes on a 2v1 for over 20min as Frisky recovers a strong early player allows him to set up and take it to Blaster and with anymore preasure might have killed him early. Good use of Air cons, and mid-game tactics. Well played.
Bad - A little more scouting could have made his BB's much more effective and would have turn the game for him in mid-game making it much easier to advance in the game. Lack of cons through mid game, he gets wrapped up in a 100 things and lacks veh cons to keep defense and reclaiming.

Good - Good drive to hang on and survive after a gaurd destroys almost all his Mt's. He hangs on with his units defending as well as late in the game using units to help out Mob. Gets a good late economy but just a bit to late to be used, as the game draws to a close.
Bad - Never really recovered from the gaurd, he shoulda either 1. Built one of his own then porced around it. 2. Go after the Gaurd with his units, and as they are attacking build one of his own. Make Mob do a 2v1 for a quite a while he holds his own, but really cant provide the attack or support mob needs to get both players off of him. Needed more Cons and needed better choice of units.

Good - Gaurd does some good damage as its well placed and well used iwth radar coverage. He porcs up nice and keeps contant preasure on Frisky, while also holding mob down. He does good team work with Blaster when Blaster gets hit hard early on. Gets going in late and really turns this game around for his team.
Bad - Shoulda kept after frisky as he coulda killed him early, but lets off to help with Mob and allows frisky to porc up a bit. Coulda gona another Gaurd closer and done just as much damage as the first. alittel thinking ahead could have saved him the headache of Mob's bb, by building one of his own early on.

Good - porcing machine, he gets hit hard early on and bouces back with power, he shows he wants to stick with this game and porcs up and keeps mob on his toes all game. He doesnt look discouraged constnatly building hat is needed to get back in the game and doing a good job of it. He does use many cons and keeps them going pretty well considering how many he has and gets a great Resources going.

Bad - he really porced to much as mob wasnt using units to advance on him instead he was using BB's so porcing up and Dt's so much Lasers and gaurds, wasnt really effective he coulda used the metal for adv and more units to help Corb take on the constant BB firing of Mob. He runs a lot of units/metal into the ground on the bottom into Mob's most defended area.

Player Awards
Best Use of Resources - Mobster
Determination to Win - LocBlaster
Best Teamplay - Mobster
Logical Building - Mobster
Biggest Threat - Corb
Of course these are my opinion and my not be agreed with by others.