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Game Name Raip em Good Game Date 12/19/2002 Review Date 01/20/2003
Map Gods of War Rating 7 Reviewer X_Alumium_
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 LocAnti A 6 8   Player 5
Player 2 _Micky_Dripin_ A   Player 6
Player 3 Oz_rules B 5 4   Player 7
Player 4 azwhip B 7 6   Player 8
-Quick Summary: A Core vs. Arm, Air dominated game with lots or Bombers, Rapiers, and even a few Hovers!!!
-Game Length: About half an hour
-Game Size: 1.85 Mb Unzipped: 3.19 Mb

-Begging of Game...
This one looks like it will end much quicker than it does. Anti puts an offensive marker on micky's Comm and leaves the game while anti takes his units. Anti makes a few bomb runs and goes quick Adv. Air. Team B start out going veh, then oz air, Whip sea.

-Middle of Game...
The biggest victory in this game is when Anti raips Oz, watch to see this amazing victory.
Other than that whip tries to help out with skeets but nothing stops these deadly rapiers. Anti takes over Oz’s isle while Oz hides in the sea for cover.
Whip decides to take his chance with hovers with not much effect. While Whip makes hovers, Anti is busy numbering his crus, rapiers and subs, for a final attack against OZ.

-Ending of the Game...
This is great ending, Anti takes it to the house. Download to find out the ending conclusion….

-Overall Stats
Battle Intensity: Low - Medium
Overall Player Skills: Average - Good
Overall Strategy: Some
Play of the game: Anti, Raips Oz while using Skeet’s to distract.
Best Player: LocAnti
Most Determined: LocAnti
Unit of Choice: Rapiers
Learning Value: Some use of Core
Fun to Watch: Very

-Player Summary’s
-LocAnti: Ally leaves him so decides to go quick Adv. Air on his bottom base while going sea with his top base. Uses Rapier’s very nicely but does not bomb much with bombers early on. He is the player of the game for sticking in there without an ally.
-_Micky_Dripin_: D/C’s early on because he gets mad at Anti.
-Oz_rules: Goes early vehicle. Helps capture top with his 2nd air but later gets raiped by anti and hides in the sea
-Azwhip: Starts veh then goes sea. Saves oz with his skeet’s and goes Hover. Then he tries for a BB but runs low on energy :) Nice try anyway Whip.

Nice game to download. Has some learning Value if you want to see how Core can own Arm on Gow. Also tell me how u like my new reviews :D