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Game Name "he thinks he's blackflag" Game Date 11/19/2002 Review Date 11/19/2002
Map Gasplant Plain Rating 6 Reviewer N_Crip
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Bugar A 7 6   Player 5
Player 2 Renegade B 4 5   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
Ok, bugar asked me to review this and give him as many tips as I what I'll do is point out what I think you should have done in some cases...what was missing..stuff like that.

btw...the title refers to comments in the early going made by the players when talking about EMG...found it funny :D

First off, I've said it before...I guess i'll have to say it again...make a radar before plant...unless you are fast jeffy and you can't spare the approx. 1000 E for it, MAKE IT! it may save your life!
Flash raids by both...pretty standard....but both switch to misse towers/sams to defend against them. Now gentlemen..I don't know if you know this or not...but a samson is more costly than a flash...and I find flash much more effient in stopping other flash raids...this of course..requires better Unit control....the easy way is what you guys did...but it didn't quite both lost multiple mex when you shouldn't have lost time...use UC to defend, save the extra metal. YOu might find it harder at first, but if you truly want to get better, you will learn this way.

On to individial issues...I will focus more on Bugar as he wanted me to do so :D

renagade - defensive style..that's fine... just don't dgun your own's not really cost efficient :D you walked your com early and porced like a little pig....if you were trying to take the whole map..I would let it slide..but you sat there in a little corner and was content with that little space the whole game. The main goal in Total Annihilation is gaining ground to crush yoru enemy...I suggest you learn to do so.

bugar - I'll start by saying if you use sams...great..but use a radar...the unit is meant for long range...don't use it any other way. Now..patroling the outside of renegade's base for a bit early on was a nice always want to know where he's going..but don't send peewees into MT fields...that was just useless...use the peewees to patrol and your storms/sams to attack the mts with radar instead. Another quick tip..when trying to kill a con...if it's protected by units and you are capable of killing those so before attacking the con...if you don't..he can kill your units and nano block at the same time..leaving you with wasted got lucky this time...he had a burst of lag at the exact same time and you got a few free kills off...but it was clear that your head wasn't in the right place :D if you are going to reclaim metal..don't waste it...makes the reclaim useless and your con moving doing something useless when it could be doing something useful...what was even funnier...near the end when you were were making MTs INSTEAD of reclaiming metal when you had nothing objecting you to do so...*shakes head* made a fusion..which is fine..but you didn't make MMM to go with such a situation..I ask myself..was he low on E and that's why he made it? I see your winds/geos..the answer is no...and then I ask myself..well maybe he had mass BB/nukes he needed to run...hence he needed E...the answer was also started a BB after...if you want to make a fusion..make sure it's useful..that's alot of metal...make MMM with it at least...on to another that most players suffer that ALL players suffer from , from time to you clearly had the most clearly had the map...but when renegade hit you on the bottom at about mid game...with a small army of pressed control W and you send all you had to that you really need your whole army to stop it? the asnwer was no....send an efficent number of units to counter and if needed...queue your plants to move new units to that know he has low units at home now don't you? yep! so hit hiim..but don't do it in his mt fields!! saw the guy porcing...and what's didn't use radar to kill the MTs either :( instead..hit the weak stops...the back of the base from the top in this case...he'll be forced to pull back...and hopefully for you...HE'LL PANIC! and what do you do when that happens? you sandwich his ass...from the front and the back at the same time...and the game was over...and last..but certainly not least...when playing a porcer...and you can't get through the MT fields...GUARDIAN!! DT a few cons in within range with radar and samson support...and build a guardian FAST and thEn start mts of course...unless you have metal for both at once.... now these were all just general tips...hope it helps...if you aren't sure one day why you lost...or what happened in a game...what Iused to the demo and pause the game when you see that you lost your edge in game...when it turned around and ask yourself this question..."what could i have done to prevent this...why did this happen?" the answer is almost always the same thing...lack of radar coverage or scouting...but in some's not..for example..the GUardian vs Porcing issue as mentioned above.

gg and hf boys