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Game Name Everything U expect from a Gow Game Game Date 07/16/2002 Review Date 01/24/2003
Map Gods of War Rating 7 Reviewer X_Alumium_
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 neoSauron A 8 8   Player 5
Player 2 ACE_Beanx A 8 7   Player 6
Player 3 MERC_Thunder B 6 7   Player 7
Player 4 ACE_LOST B 7 8   Player 8
Game Reviewed by X_Alumium

-Length of Review: Meium
-Game Name: Everything U expect from a gow game
-Game Length: 30-40 min
-Game Size downloaded: 2.81 Mb -Unzipped: 4.59 Mb

~Quick Game Summary~

This game is some what intense. Has small bombings here in there and is with overall, average-good players. This game has eveything a regular Gow game should contain, roaches, pels, crus and my favorite BB’s.

~Game Stats~

- Game Intensity: Medium
- Game Overall Skill Level: Average - Good
- Game Strategy: Normal
- Game Unit of Choice: Skeets
- Bombing Skill: Average
- Most Determined: neoSauron
- Most Aggressive: neoSauron
- Most Valuable Player: neoSauron
- Play of the Game: None
- Learning Value: If you need to learn the Map of Gow, then VERY!
- Fun to Watch: Yes

~Game Summary~

-Begging Game Summary…
This game kicks off with MERC_Thunder and ACE_Beanx going air. They give a few bomb runs back and forth but mostly keep themselves alive with FF’s patroling their skies. With Lost’s mexes taken out, his rival Sua takes to the sea and captures the top, in the name of Team A.
With Lost finally reaching the sea with his SY lab, MERC_Thunder desperetly atlases sams to top to save it in time, their attempts fail.

-Middle Game Summary…
Sua on the thought of capturing top, slowly creeps up With Mass Mts guarding his Middle Domain for himself.
On bottom, Beanx starts popping out pels, makes mass bombers, and stores up a massive amounts of energy for Sua oncomming BB.
Team B on the other hand turns on the defensive and protects themselves with small amounts of all around units, while feeling the pain of losing.

-End Game Summary….
End of Game turns into a continue streak from Middle of Game. Team B battles on fighting off anything Team A can throw at them. Download to see if Team B can battle on and reclaim the game….

~Player Summaries~

-ACE_Beanx- Starts out air and takes on Thunder for control over it. Later in Game Goes Adv. –Kbot, and build up a good portion of pels. Keeps pressure on Lost from advancing to far. Overall does a good job :D

-neoSauron- Starts out Veh / Sea and while Lost is struggling, he takes the advantage and builds mass skeets. He does nice job supporting water and Mt support, later does some damage building an untouched BB.

-MERC_Thunder- Protects himself early on with FF’s but goes sea too late. He masses up tidals and builds some crus, but wastes considerable bombers bombing mexes that give the this game no changing status. He’s an average player and I think he did an OK job under the circumstances.

-ACE_LOST- Not one of his best games I have seen. He starts a late Veh / Sea and later goes pels. Does a good job hanging in there, and fighing off Beanx.

This game was a pretty average one. I recommend it for all gow players out there or ones needing to improvment. Doesn’t have anything new or specail about it, but its fun to watch!