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Game Name Air Masters Game Date 01/22/2003 Review Date 01/30/2003
Map Gods of War Rating 7 Reviewer X_Alumium_
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 X_Mastah A 5 9   Player 5
Player 2 TRP_snake_1 A 7.5 6   Player 6
Player 3 _Antisocial_ B 8 7   Player 7
Player 4 _sleezzy_ B 7 5   Player 8
~This Game Watched Reviewed By X_Alumium~

-Recorded the Game: X_Mastah
-Type of Review: Requested
-Game Length: About an Hour
-Game Size downloaded: 5.06 Mb. Unzipped: 8.20 Mb.

~Quick Game Summary~

We got a great game here. Mas owns doing some SUPER Bombing. These players are pretty much closer to good players than just average ones.
They play alike using almost the same strats. They make Massive amounts of water units, while having pretty good control. A very fun game to watch with a short but fun to see Vamp/Hawk Airbattle.

~Game Summary~

-Beginning Game Summary
Game starts out With Mas using those effective core bombers against Team B. He rapes team B going after their Mts. while his ally Snake builds up an offensive Sea force. When the bombing slows a bit down, Social and sleeze heads for to try to take back this game.

-Middle Game Summary
Middle game turns into an exiting stale mate. Both teams work on their tidals while pumping out legions of Crusaders. Mas takes a chance on an almost ending Timmy blow.
Never underestimate Air, It almost always wins out on this map.
Social comes in with a dozen bombers and blows that Timmy right out of the ground. This point, the Battle for the Metal commences.

-End Game Summary.
Both teams with victory in mind, attack 2 separate parts of the map. They use every last crus they have, and neither succeed in Pushing the other to elimination. Bbs start popping up on Team Bs island in hoping to blast their opponents out.
Mas in already loosing a BB, concentrates on Adv. Vamps to protect his domain. Watch as he does good job guarding off all attacks using them at the front of his base. Social gets angry with these new pests, using his own Adv. Hawks trying to show Mas who owns the air.
Watch to find out the conclusion, its little suprising, and disappointing : )

~Game Stats~

- Game Battle Intensity: High
- Game Overall Skill Level: Good Players
- Game Unit of Choice: Crus
- Bombing Skill: Very Good
- Most Determined: _Antisocial_
- Most Aggressive: X_Mastah
- Most Valuable Player: X_Mastah
- Play of the Game: Hawk/Vamp War
- Learning Value: Watch Mas Bomb
- Fun to Watch: Early game rules

~Player Comments~

Your Bombing Owns! No one can disagree, you always amaze me figuring out new strats.

Nice job Snake! You build nicely and save mas from destruction. Next time, Try not to waste as many units charging enemys Base. Instead stay back from a distance and then start firing.

Good thing you took out Mass BB! Nice Job holding middle and using your Comm to D-Gunn. 1 suggestion, when u attack, use cons to reclaim while the opponent is distracted, the metal was all yours but you forgot to reclaim at times.

Wow Sleeze you improved! : D and you showed nice job recovering from bombings. Nothing to say but good job.

~Final Comments~

I liked watching these players. They showed skills and I think this game deserves a Peek.